Ibiza Yacht Charters

Visit the sun-drenched island of Ibiza on your luxury yacht charter in Spain

Ibiza beachFloating just off the coast of Valencia, Ibiza is undeniably one of the world’s top destinations for yacht charters. Frequented by wealthy yachters, celebrities and luxury party-goers alike, this vibrant island has been unofficially named “the undisputed party capital of the world.” Yet, beyond the nightlife, Ibiza offers plenty to explore during a luxury charter vacation.

Surrounded by the beautiful, sapphire-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is a tropical oasis by day and an opulent party at night – every day of the week. The entire island – from the shops and restaurants, to residents and yacht charter guests – comes alive in the late afternoon and keeps going until the early hours.

Yet, the island has everything a yacht charterer could want: Flawless white-sand beaches, rocky cliffs for hiking, restaurants, spas; you name, Ibiza’s got it. A playground for the rich and beautiful, Ibiza is regarded as one of trendiest Mediterranean yacht charter destinations. Just one night in Ibiza promises a lifetime of stories.

Ibiza Charters: What to Do and See

Sure, Ibiza is best-known for its nightlife. In fact, dozens of hip hop and dance songs pay homage to the island’s legendary party scene.

Yet, beyond the bass and club lights, you’ll find plenty of unique, relaxing and inspiring sights and attractions. From exploring ancient ruins, to paddling around the island’s hidden coves, an Ibiza yacht charter offers a packed itinerary of fun activities.

Las Salinas Salt Flats
Regarded as one of Ibiza’s most famous natural landmarks, the Las Salinas Salt Flats can be found on the southernmost tip of the island. Starting out as lakes, the water evaporates during the summer months, resulting in a sparkling layer of pure salt on its sea floor. As peaceful as it is unique, this natural phenomenon is a great spot to watch the Mediterranean sunset – the shimmering sea salt adds extra sparkle to an already enchanting view.

Can Marça Caves
Make your way to the steep entrance to the cave and you’ll find one of Ibiza’s most prized possessions: unrivaled Mediterranean Sea views. Filled with crystallized stalagmites and stalactites, this golden cave was once an ancient route for smugglers. Today, it hosts an illuminating music and light show at its core, overlooking a 30-foot cascade of diamond-bright water.

Ibiza Town
The island’s beating heart is its largest city, Ibiza Town. Boasting some of the world’s most raved-about hotels, clubs and restaurants, Ibiza Town is where the magic happens. It’s a haven for international celebrities and affluent party-goers and is just steps away from one of Ibiza’s many pristine beaches.

Dalt Vila UNESCO Site
Towering over Ibiza Town, is Dalt Vila, a 16th-Century, renaissance era fort built by Charles V. Built to defend against pirate attacks. The fort is now open to tours around the seven bastions, and it’s a popular daytrip for charter guests. Not only is the fort’s history awe-inspiring, the site offers sprawling views of Ibiza Town’s harbor and old fishing district.

Ibiza Cathedral
Located on the charming Plaza de Carrosa and Plaza de la Vila town squares, this cathedral, built in 1399, provides a chance to go back in time. The cathedral’s walls are lined with 14th and 15th century murals, as well as silver and gold adornments. Tour the cathedral and then walk along Plaza de Carrosa for lunch or shopping.

Beach Days
People come to Ibiza for the nightlife AND the white-sand beaches. The island is home to hundreds of pristine beaches (as well as plenty of bumping beach clubs). Cala D’Hort is a favorite, known for the nearby Es Vedra island and fun, beach clubs. Or try Cala Gracioneta, a favorite local hangout that’s quieter and steeped in natural beauty.

Es Verda Island
Located off the southwest coast of Ibiza, Es Vedra is a natural park that’s a favorite snorkeling destination. The island is rugged, with sheer limestone cliffs. And the waters around offer opportunities to search for tropical fish. If you’re in the mood, climb ashore and explore the island. Es Verda offers stunning views of the nearby beach Cala D’Hort, as well as the Mediterranean.

After a night at the club, relax in one of Ibiza’s world-class spas. The island – though small – boasts 15+ spas. In fact, Ibiza is as much a destination for relaxation, as it is for the nightly parties. Atzaro Spa is one to check out. Located in the middle of citrus and olive groves, the spa offers everything you could ask for: Massage, beauty treatments, yoga, meditation, and a sparkling pool.

Play in the Water
Ibiza’s waters are bathtub-warm year-round. In fact, Ibiza charter guests will probably spend as much time in the water, as they do on board. The island’s coves can be explored via kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Plus, jet-skiing and water-skiing are both favorite pass-times. And if you’re a driver, the island has a thriving diving scene, complete with nearly 20 schools.

Aquarium Cap Blanc
This might be one of Spain’s most unique aquariums. Located in a sea cave outside of San Antonio, Cap Blanc is part cave-tour, part wildlife exploration. Take the kids and explore the many exhibits, featuring morays and rays, as well as many different types of fish.

Best Time to Charter in Ibiza

Ibiza and all of the Balearics are a perfect example of the Mediterranean climate: Hot, sunny summers and mild, occasionally rainy winters. That means you can enjoy a yacht charter in Ibiza year-round. Yet, the best time to go is summer.

  • When to Go: From May to September, Ibiza bustles, and these months offer the best times to explore the island. In particular, July and August are peak months (when the temperatures are the hottest), but May and September are popular, as well.
  • What to Expect: In summer, Ibiza is a paradise. Temperatures in July and August hover in the mid-80s (and sometimes peak in the 90s). For milder weather, go in May and September. Temperatures then typically stay in the mid-70s.
  • Water Conditions: Ibiza has some of the best water conditions in all of Spain. During summer, the waters are calm, with 2- to 3-foot waves, and perfectly warm. In August, the waters are typically in the mid-70s.

Ibiza and the Balearic Islands

Ibiza is situated among the Balearic Islands, and the island offers plenty of unique itineraries for charter guests.

Some choose to explore the island, setting off from Ibiza Town and stopping in quieter beach towns and historic villages along the way. Others, though, prefer an exploration of all the Balearic Islands, including the larger Mallorca and lesser-known Menorca and Formentera. A luxury yacht charter in the Balearic Islands might include stops in:

  • Mallorca – The largest Balearic Island, Mallorca, is known for its culture, golden beaches, and luxury amenities. From world-class spas, to vibrant historical sites, the island offers plenty for charter guests to see and do.
  • Menorca – The easternmost island of Menorca offers a quiet reprieve from the bustle of Mallorca or Ibiza. Known for its sprawling Biosphere Reserve, Menorca offers plenty of opportunities to explore in nature and relax. With hundreds of miles of hiking trails, as well as pristine beaches, the island is a relaxing stop on a cruise of the Balearics.
  • Formentera – The region’s smallest island, Formentera, is a natural beauty – replete with white-sand beaches, sapphire waters and stunning limestone cliffs. For the full experience, Formentera is best explored via charter yacht (and it’s only a half hour from Ibiza).

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