Spain Yacht Charters

Enjoy crystal clear waters and charming coastal towns on your luxury yacht charter in Spain

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  • MenorcaKnown for its Flamenco dancers, café -lined plazas, white hillside villages, soaring cathedrals and delicious local fare, Spain is one of Europe’s most unique and varied destination for yacht charters. Its idyllic landscapes are filled with local vineyards, olive groves, mountainous terrain and enchanting beaches.

    Walk through its cobblestone streets, and you’ ll find jeweled, state-of-the-art museums, an exciting nightlife, boutique and high-end shopping, and – given their appreciation for good-quality living – a daily afternoon “siesta,” or ‘break from the day.’ Due to its impressive islands and landscape – Spain has become a very popular Mediterranean yacht charter destination.

    Its sapphire blue waters and colorful coastlines promise to attract anyone who approaches its shoreline, while its welcoming inhabitants and inherent sense of culture ensure that they never want to leave.

    Charter Areas

    Costa BravaMainland Spain
    From Barcelona to Costa del Sol, Spain has many beautiful coastal cities perfect for yacht charter guests to anchor at and explore. Adorned with fishing villages, colorful architecture, upscale resorts, pristine beaches, matadors, bull racing, Flamenco dancers and much more.

    FormenteraBalearic Islands
    Regarded for their golden beaches, bays, rocky peaks and lively harbors, the Balearic Islands are the perfect destination for private yacht charters. Their cobblestone streets are lined with delicious local restaurants, countless bars, world-famous nightclubs, and a taste of Spanish culture like you’ve never had before. The islands in the Balearics are: Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca.

    Spain Charter Hightlights

    History & Culture
    Spain is a country rooted in Medieval traditions and religious history; one that, today, has created a mixed culture that values art, music, gastronomy, history, and like all Mediterranean countries, living life to the fullest. From national, holiday festivals and Flamenco-filled streets, to fiery people, seemingly celestial architecture and idyllic surroundings, Spain embraces a unique, self-induced culture that can only be found within its borders.

    From the Basque country and Southern Spain, to Valencia, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands and beyond, every corner of Spain is blessed with a thriving culinary scene. Its most popular dishes – like paella, a rice dish originated in Valencia; gazpacho, a cold soup; chorizo, a spicy, seasoned sausage; and flan, a custard dessert – are coupled with seductive aromas, like fresh olive oils and garlic. All are paired with fine Spanish wines and sangrias, and preceded by freshly baked breads.

    As the third largest country in Europe, Spain has a diverse landscape – one centered on Meseta Plateau, which takes nearly half of the country’s land area. In and around this landmark, Spain is covered in mountain ranges, countless coastal bays, secluded coves and white-sand beaches; making it the perfect destination for curious yacht charter guests to anchor at and explore.

    Start with dinner, and end up dancing the night away in one of Spain’s plentiful neighborhood bars. In Spain, the wine is always flowing, the music is always upbeat, and the party goes on until early the next morning.

    Best Time to Charter in Spain

    For the most part, the Spanish coast maintains a Mediterranean climate: one with hot, dry summers and mild, sometimes rainy winters. And while it is accessible all year long, when it comes to chartering a yacht through Spain, there are some months are better than others – most notably, July and August. Due to hot, sunny days and mild water temperatures perfect for outdoor adventures, these summer months are very popular among yacht charter guests.

    On the other hand, combining great summer weather with a tad less heat, May and September promise some of Spain’s best temperatures. During that time of year, yacht charter guests can be found playing in the sun, exploring the islands by foot and even anchoring their yacht for some fun swimming in the sea.

    VAT (Value Added Tax) on Charters in Spain

    The following VAT laws pertain to private yacht charters in Spanish waters:

    – If a yacht only cruises through Spanish/EU waters, a standard 21% VAT rate will be applied.
    – All yachts must register with the Spanish Government in each region it intends to charter.