The West Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for yacht charters. From the islands – like Ibiza, Capri and Sardinia – to the stunning Old World ports along the Amalfi Coast and in the French Riviera, the region is home to some of the most awe-inspiring and lively destinations in all of the world.

Secluded beaches, ancient ruins, exquisite cuisine and even rowdy parties (in Ibiza) await you on a yacht charter you’ll never forget. With a past reaching back thousands of years, the Mediterranean gives you a feeling timelessness matched with modern luxury.

Ruins and thousand-year-old churches welcome you in every port, and the cultural and cuisine is stepped in ancient tradition. Yet, apart from the history and unique sights, the turquoise waters and white-sand beaches have an undeniable lure.

Simply put, the Mediterranean offers you the best of the best in yacht chartering. The region is home to the world’s most delicious cuisine, the best luxury shopping, the most picturesque beaches, and of course, history that’s undeniably significant.

Mediterranean Highlights

  • Fine dining and amazing local cuisine
  • Charming Medieval towns and castles
  • Miles long beaches
  • Equal parts tranquil and glamorous
  • Breathtaking coastline
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