Sorrento Yacht Charters

Sorrento is located on Italy’s Amalfi coast overlooking the Bay of Naples. Embedded in deep sea cliffs and offering a moderate climate, it is a frequest stop for luxury yacht charters.

Take a walk through the cliffside town of Sorrento, and you’ll find a pocket of the Italian coastline that still lives in the past. An old town-turned-resort destination, Sorrento boasts enchanting views of the Bay of Naples below, and in the distance, Mount Vesuvius – the only European volcano known to have erupted in the past century. Its lack of functional beaches are replaced by its civilized central town: a place where generations of families sell homemade ceramics and lacework, as well as the local “intarsio,” a design of inlaid woodwork for which Sorrento has become famous.

A good base for exploring Italy’s most beautiful locales while on your yacht charter, Sorrento is surrounded by unspoiled countryside to the south, Pompeii to the north, the Amalfi Coast to the east, and just off its coast, the beautiful island of Capri. Draped in fragrant citrus trees, walnut bushes and olive groves, the landscape of Sorrento paints a picture of historic simplicity and grace. Its quaint cobblestone streets are lined with the laundry-covered balconies and terraces of the local families who live in its buildings – another nod to charming, antique Italy.