Sicily Yacht Charters

Considered to be one of the most alluring yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily exudes an unusual charm: one characterized by its diverse landscapes, colorful marketplaces, varied Mediterranean influences and welcoming, passionate people.

The juxtaposition of sea, volcano and mountainous terrain make for a stunning, somewhat mysterious, backdrop; while its Arab domes, Byzantine mosaics and baroque architecture paint a picture of a beautiful, classic heritage.

Walk through its quaint passageways, and prepare to be mesmerized as you take in the smell of the fragrant lemon trees, watch the moonlight reflecting off its marble walls and explore the ruins of bygone civilizations everywhere you turn. In Sicily, the food alone is worth a visit. Inspired by what the land and sea produce, and influenced by the varied cultures of the diverse Mediterranean countries, Sicily’s cuisine is a product of tradition and artistry.

The island is home to numerous beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, including one of Europe’s most famous landmarks, Mount Etna. It is definitely one of the most beautiful grounds for luxury yacht charters in Italy.