Sicily Yacht Charters

Considered to be one of the most alluring yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean, Sicily and the surrounding Aeolian Islands exude an endearing charm. Here, you’ll find a juxtaposition of culture and natural history. From the active volcanos like Etna or Stromboli, to the quaint fishing villages rich in history, in every port of call a new experience awaits.

Sicily boasts a cultural melting pot of villages, cities and upscale ports. Palermo, the bustling capital city, offers visitors a chance to explore the island’s unique history – the Palermo Cathedral is a must-see – and indulge in the island’s amazing cuisine and wine. Outposts like Cefalu, a quaint fishing village, and historic Syracuse are favorite yachting destinations as well, that offer excellent food, beaches, and cultural sights to explore, while Catania sits below Mt. Etna and provides access to the active volcano.

Many Sicily yacht charters also choose to explore the Aeolian Islands, a seven-island UNESCO-protected archipelago. Located off Sicily’s north coast, the Aeolian Islands are a beautiful paradise, home to stunning natural sights and amazing outdoor experiences including diving, kayaking and trekking.

Sicily Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano
  • Bubbling mud baths & refreshing hot springs
  • Dramatic coastline with towering mountains
  • Mouth-watering local cuisine
  • World-famous vineyards
  • Incredible water sports facilities