Sardinia Yacht Charters

A wild piece of Mediterranean history, Sardinia is steeped in a prehistoric past, home to more than four million sheep, and visited for its inherent culture, idyllic beaches and eccentric local inhabitants.

Regarded for its unique landscape – like lush, alpine forests bordering stark-white beaches, and grandiose mountains towering over hidden bays – Sardinia is as beautiful as it is puzzling so there is no wonder why it is such a popular yacht charter destination.

With tradition gracing everything from the inhabitants’ customs to its architecture, Sardinia is scattered with more than 7000 Bronze Age towers, settlements and tombs. It hosts a series of festivals, like the Barbagia’s carnival parade and S’Ardia horse race, two events believed to rid the area of winter demons and defy death, respectively. With an adventure waiting at every turn, Sardinia invites yacht charter guests to take an evening hike through its Tiscali’s nuraghic ruins, climb the limestone cliffs of Cala Luna, or dive to see Roman ruins submerged in the sea below – all promise a taste of true Sardinia.