Ischia Yacht Charter

The idyllic result of a volcanic eruption, Ischia is regarded for its unique geography, inherent culture and reputation as a place of “ healing ” thermal spas.

Wind through its quaint city streets, and yacht charter guests will find a wealth of interesting sites – like the quaint, white-washed Church of Soccorso – an idealistic Mediterranean site in Forio known for its views of the Mediterranean Sea.

As the largest of the Neapolitan Islands, Ischia is covered in countless churches, museums and monuments, all historic and all dotted across its beautiful, whimsical terrain. Visited primarily for its plentiful thermal spas – believed to have special, therapeutic powers since the early days of the Roman Empire – Ischia welcomes yacht charter guests to try its range of natural treatments, like thermal mud packs, massages, and thermal vapors, the last of which is used to treat respiratory ailments. Its geological development, too, is worth noting; Ischia is home to the much-photographed “Mushroom,” a rock formation that juts out of the water in the shape of a mushroom, floating seemingly aimlessly on the Mediterranean Sea. No wonder Ischia is a popular stop for luxury yacht charters in the Amalfi Coast.