Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters

The Amalfi Coast is a well-known for spectacular views, breathtaking landscapes, historic wonderment and crystal blue water, making it one of the most popular destinations for yachts charters in the world. On Amalfi Coast you will find secluded beaches, valleys that run into the sea, and terraced gardens that have been bearing fruit for centuries.

A dazzling combination of dramatic terrain and whimsical seaside towns, it should come as no surprise that the picturesque Almalfi Coast was credited by UNESCO as being “an outstanding example of the Mediterranean landscape.” With coastal mountains that plunge deep into the Mediterranean Sea – bordering a diverse collection of crags, fishing villages, sparkling sunsets and dense forests – the different areas of this idyllic Italian coastline each have a personality of their own.

Among its coastal gems, Positano and Amalfi glitter with high-end shopping and tourist-filled streets, while the mountain town of Ravello is popular for its majestic villas and once-famous residents. No matter where you charter along the coast, you will be surrounded by magnificent beauty, classic Italian views and pristine blue waters, perfect for romantic yacht charters in Italy.

Planning a yacht charter escape to the Amalfi Coast? Schedule some time to see its most beautiful sites, listed below, and make your yachting trip to remember.