Italy Yacht Charters

Explore the stunning coast of Italy onboard a luxury yacht charter

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  • Cinque TerreAsk any yacht charter guest who’s been there, and there’s absolutely no place in the world for yacht charters like Italy. It’s equal parts romantic and adventurous, its people are passionate and fiery, and its gastronomic scene – from homemade pastas, herbed pizzas, indulgent wines and refreshing, just-sweet-enough gelato – is nothing short of perfect.

    Italy is the kind of place you plan to visit, and once there, you simply never want to leave. Filled with awe-inspiring art everywhere you turn, Italy is definitely a product of Western influences; but its historic beginnings still shine through.

    Sunny olive groves, verdant vineyards, countless monasteries, castles, and local farms. For a taste of the city life, Italy has plenty to choose from; Naples, Rome and Venice are filled with award-winning restaurants, interesting museums and high-end shopping perfect for the most extravagant yacht charter vacations.

    Floating seemingly aimlessly in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian peninsula is a popular destination for luxury yacht charters.

    Charter Areas

    There are four most popular yacht charter areas in Italy:

    Positano ItalyAmalfi Coast
    Home to secluded beaches, vibrant homes tucked into its jagged mountains, familiar towns, idyllic natural landscapes, fruitful terraced gardens, seaside valleys and all the beauty a yacht charter guest could hope for, Amalfi Coast si regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure to visit Positano, Capri, Sorrento and Naples

    Cinque Terre ItalyItalian Riviera
    Equal parts glamorous and naturally beautiful, the Italian Riviera is the epitome of Italian history and class. Dotted with ancient fishing ports, inherent charm and some of the globe’s most popular destinations, like Portofino, San Remo and the Cinque Terre, the Italian Riviera has become an international favorite for yacht charter guests in the Mediterranean Sea.

    As the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Europe. From near-perfect beaches and archaeological ruins, to charming coastal towns and villages and world-renowned caves, Sardinia is a destination with water and land activities all yacht charter guests can enjoy.

    SicilySicily & Aeolian Islands
    Known for being a melting pot of European, African and Asian heritage, Sicily is home to plentiful Arab castles, Greek temples and Aragonese churches. As the largest and most unique island in the Mediterranean, it boasts architectural gems, a complex history and interesting folklore that is sure to impress.

    Italy Charter Hightlights

    As beautifully artistic as it is a gastronomic gold mine, Italy offers yachters a collection of locales, activities and indulgences to experience during their next sail through the Mediterranean Sea.

    History & Culture
    With a religious history rooted in Catholicism – and a culture steeped art and architecture, music, family, delicious cuisine and passion – Italy has become one of the most raved-about destinations in the Western Hemisphere. The birthplace of the Roman Empire, and a major player in the Renaissance era, the Italian peninsula is home to a vibrant culture, one full of tradition, that has flourished for centuries.

    Regarded around the world for its tantalizing pastas, full-bodied wines, delectable cheeses, gelato, pizzas and more, the culinary scene in Italy isn’t just a hobby; it’s essential to their quality of life. With countless regions boasting different local fare, each stemming from a line of family owned recipes centuries in the making, Italy has become one of the world’s top food destinations.

    Famous for its boot-shaped border, the landscape of Italy is divided into many different regions – and each embodying an entirely different personality. Dotted with the Alps in Northern Italy, the Tuscan hills, whimsical lakes, short rivers and Mount Vesuvius, all surrounded by idyllic islands, Italy ’ s terrain is as diverse as it is enchanting.
    Nightlife: Considering the way Italians emphasize passion and people, it should come as no surprise that Italy’s nightlife lasts late into the evening. From local bars and cafes, to crowded nightclubs, late-night eateries and streets filled with live music, locals and tourists alike can trek across the country’s quaint, cobblestone streets and find something for everyone at all hours of the night.

    Best Time to Charter in Italy

    While the idyllic Italian coast is beautiful all year round, when it comes to chartering a private charter yacht on its sapphire waters, there are some times of the year that are better than others.

    Typically, yacht season runs from the beginning of April through the end of October, with the height of the season being during the summer months, in July and August. During these particular months, yachters will benefit from both warm climates and light winds. That said, April-May and September-October shouldn’t be ignored. Given that outside temperatures are still comfortable, the waters are great for swimming and these months fall just outside tourist season – when destinations are most crowded – these “shoulder seasons” are ideal for yacht charter guests to set sail on their private charter yacht and explore the enchanting Italian coast.

    VAT (Value Added Tax) on Charters in Italy

    As any yachter knows, when it comes to chartering in international waters, a Value Added Tax (VAT) will typically be applied. The following VAT laws pertain to private yacht charters in Italian waters:

    – If a yacht only cruises through Italian/EU waters, a standard 22% VAT rate will be applied.

    – If a yacht cruises both in and outside EU waters, the VAT rate is only applied to the charter for the amount of time spent in Italian waters.