St Tropez Yacht Charters

Once a quiet fishing village, St Tropez is nothing if not old-school glamour. This seaside, resort destination in the French Riviera is frequented by yacht charter guests who come to experience its beautiful landscapes, sapphire waters, whimsical sunsets and relaxed, sophisticated vibes.

Situated on the Bay of Saint-Tropez, this modern Medieval town is known around the world for its yacht-filled harbors and expensive cars; a testament to its Gatsby-esque charm and understated luxury. But at the heart of the glamour and prestige is none other than a classic French, seaside town. Follow its winding streets, often lined with strolling pedestrians, through its familiar towns and you’ll find local cafes, antique buildings and plentiful boutique shopping.

Along its serene coastline, the private estates of its residents are complemented by tall walls and private heliports, thus ensuring the utmost in privacy and exclusivity. Underneath all the dazzle and diamonds, however, St. Tropez is a place where yacht charter guests can come and do as they please; whether that means sipping pastis at a place des Lices cafe, playing board games with friends under shaded trees, or strolling solo along St. Tropez’s enchanting coast.