Corsica Yacht Charters

Corsica – the stunning island off the coast of the French Riviera – is a quiet respite from bustling Cannes, or the lavishness of Monaco. This ancient island is marked by its laid-back, welcoming people, sun-soaked Old World town squares, and truly breathing taking landscapes. Explore all that Corsica has to offer aboard a luxury charter yacht: From the glimmering bays, to the towering cliffs and swank beaches.

A stroll through Corsica’s charming hilltop villages is a walk through history. Around each corner, discover remnants of its hidden culture: Centuries-old cathedrals, cobble-stoned streets, bustling fish markets and music-filled squares. Yet, the reason many charter in Corsica – to experience the island’s natural beauty. With its red cliffs towering over the Med, secluded beaches, turquoise waters, and pine and eucalyptus forests perfect for hikes, Corsica is home to some of Europe’s most scenic landscapes.

Bottom line, Corsica is perfect for yacht charter guests seeking a relaxed, but luxurious escape. Corsica’s dazzling harbors and charming fishing villages provide unique itinerary options for yacht charters, along some of the best cruising grounds in the Mediterranean.

Planning your next yacht charter adventure in the Mediterranean? Set sail to Corsica and discover the idyllic escape that awaits.