Cannes Yacht Charters

Cannes lives by the motto, “Life is a festival,” and everywhere you look that zest for life is on full display. The city – the crown jewel of the Cote d’Azur – breathes with passion and exuberance. From its bustling markets and couture shops, to the sandy beaches and sun-soaked promenade, enchantment buzzes around every corner. With so much to see, do and taste, it’s no surprise Cannes is a favorite destination for luxury yacht charters.

Once a humble fishing village, Cannes has served as a resort destination since the 19th Century. Aristocrats “discovered” the village, and Cannes quickly become a trendy vacation destination.

Today, Cannes continues to welcome the rich and powerful. A quick look at the city’s deep-water harbor – filled with some of the most luxurious super yachts – proves that point. And it makes sense too. Cannes is a must-visit port-of-call for yachters, as it’s well-connected to other top destinations in the South of France.

Cannes Yacht Charter Highlights

  • One of the most extravagant charter destinations
  • World-famous festivals and A-list events
  • Gateway to the French Riviera
  • Michelin restaurants and VIP nightclubs
  • A playground for the rich and famous
  • Couture shops and boutiques
  • Exclusive, sun-soaked beaches