France Yacht Charters

A private crewed yacht charter is the ideal way to explore South of France

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  • Villefrenche sur merWhether you’re in Monaco, Nice or Provence, the South of France has that special “je ne sais quoi” that makes it the envy of every luxury yacht charter guest’s eye.

    Boasting the best in summer climates, chic resorts, quiet villages, and of course, those heavenly French Riviera views, the South of France is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for luxury yacht charters.

    Head south to the Côte d’Azur, and you’ll find the spot where countless artists and writers turned the Riviera into the height of bohemian sophistication; one filled with tree-lined promenades, yacht-filled harbors and an air of glamour unparalleled anywhere else on earth. Adorned in lavender fields, vineyards and quaint, picturesque villages, Provence is an equally idyllic snapshot into France’s complex past.

    No matter where you choose to spend your days in the South of France, its Medieval towns, inherent culture and charming, though sometimes understated, luxury makes it the ideal destination for yacht charter guests of all ages and interests.

    France Yacht Charter Areas

    There are two most popular yacht charter areas in France:

    Cannes Cannes
    With its couture shops, palaces, Gatsby-esque glamor and celebrity-clad streets, Cannes has become known as a yacht charter destination for the rich and famous. Adding to its reputation is the renowned Cannes Film Festival: a jeweled and affluent affair that attracts the world’s most raved-about A-listers.

    Not officially a part of France, Monaco is regarded as Europe’s most extravagant principality. As small as it is renowned, Monaco spans just 200 hectares in size, making it the second smallest country, next to the Vatican. But don’t let its small size fool you; Monaco is one of the world’s most glamorous locales.

    Corsica Corsica
    Boasting just enough geographical diversity to make it a world of its very own, Corsica features countless glittering bays, glitzy coastal cities, near-perfect beaches, jagged mountains, beautiful valleys and vibrant hilltop villages. While it has been a part of France for more than two centuries now, Corsica has a decidedly different feel.

    South of France Charter Hightlights

    Equal parts glamorous and subdued, anchor in the South of France and experience all the excitement it has to offer.

    History & Culture
    Filled with countless Medieval towns, castles and elements of Roman heritage – like amphitheaters, aqueducts, thermaes, bridges and more – the South of France is a snapshot of its long history, even still today. Its residents are known for their fervent appreciation for life. In the South of France, flower markets, fare, cocktails, countrywide festivals, and some of the world’s most popular events – like the Cannes International Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix – aren’t out of the ordinary; they’re an average day in Paradise.

    The direct result of its Mediterranean environment, the culinary scene in the South of France boasts a collection of dishes shaped by the sun and the sea; a product of fertile soils that grow the most colorful fruits and vegetables and most aromatic herbs. Home to a “foodie” town like Nice, head to its central point, Cours Saleya, for one of the best food markets in the world. No matter where you go – whether it’s indulging in the seafood capital of Provence, Marseille, vegetarian favorites like “ratatouille,” “tarte au citron,” French wine, lamb dishes or other local fare – the South of France promises to please even the pickiest palates.

    Part of the reason France has become such a worldwide destination is because of its natural habitat: a collection of majestic mountains, deep gorges, forested hills, and plentiful rivers, waterfalls, translucent mountain lakes and near-perfect coastal beaches. In the South of France, especially, the French Riviera has become the desired locale for beach lovers across the globe; it’s the perfect location for diving, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, and even just basking under the warm, French sun on its serene and sandy shores.

    If you’re in the South of France, namely Cannes, get ready to experience a nightlife unlike any other place on earth. With plenty of bars, neighborhood pubs and celebrity-filled clubs to choose from, a night out in Cannes has the potential to continue even after the sun has already risen. Looking for something different? Head to the cobbled alleys of Le Suquet for a glass of wine, or hop over to Monaco for high-rolling gambling like you’ve never seen before.

    Best Time to Charter in South of France

    While yachting in the South of France is possible all year long – given its balmy climate, long, dry summers, moderate breezes, mild winters and endless sunshine – the best time to do it is between April and October. During these months, yachters benefit from light winds and calm seas. As with the majority of the Mediterranean, July and August, the height of the summer, are the hottest and most crowded months. The “shoulder seasons,” on the other hand – April, May, September and October – boast ideal yachting conditions, with decidedly less crowds.

    VAT (Value Added Tax) on Charters in France

    As any yachter knows, all private yacht charters are subject to certain Value Added Tax (VAT) laws. When embarking from the South of France, the applicable rate is 20% – due in full if the charter includes only French or EU waters, determined by whether or not a voyage stays within 12 nautical miles of the French mainland and its islands.

    There are certain circumstances in which these taxes can be reduced:
    – If it can be proven that a charter spent time outside EU waters, the charterer is only charged VAT for the time actually spent in EU waters.
    – If it is difficult to determine the itinerary of the voyage in advance of the trip, the charterer can benefit from a 50% reduction on the standard 20% VAT rate.