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Explore the stunning French Riviera on a private crewed yacht charter

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  • Whether in Monaco, Nice or Cannes, the South of France has that special “je ne sais quoi.” You can’t help but notice the magic everywhere: From the narrow, cobble-stoned streets humming with activity, to the charming seaside cafes and sun-soaked beaches, the French Riviera is simply paradise for luxury yacht charters guests.

    The South of France beckons charterers who come to bask in the region’s cultural and scenic delights: A smattering of chic resorts, to-die-for French Mediterranean cuisine, A-list music and film festivals, quiet villages steeped in history, and of course, those heavenly French Riviera views. Whether you come to explore the region’s stunning natural landscapes, or revel in the glamour and sexiness, a charter in the South of France offers the best of the best in luxury travel.

    There’s plenty to explore. Head south along the Côte d’Azur, and discover the haunts of artists and painters like Picasso, Monet, and Renoir. Every port-of-call offers a chance to be charmed by manicured tree-lined promenades, winding shop-lined streets, and Old World palaces. Looking to discover the French countryside? Venture into Provence’s inland villages, where you’ll find vibrant lavender fields, best-in-the-world vineyards and quaint villages.

    No matter where you choose to spend your days in the South of France, the region’s Medieval towns, good-life culture, and charming, though sometimes understated, luxury makes this the ideal destination for yacht charter guests of all ages and interests. Where will your France yacht charter take you?

    France Yacht Charters: Regions to Explore

    The French Riviera offers plenty for charterers to discover and bask in: Sandy, sun-drenched beaches, quiet seaside villages, and of course, the cultural hotspots of Cannes and Monaco. On charter in the South of France, expect an itinerary full of one-of-a-kind destinations and experiences.

    In particular, yacht charters in France are popular in three areas: Cannes, Monaco and Corsica. Each offering its own charms, sophistication and attractions

    Cannes marina Cannes
    With its couture shops and Gatsby-esque glamor, Cannes owns a reputation as being a top yacht charter destination for the rich and famous. From the narrow, cobble-stoned streets, to the stunning panoramic views, and upscale restaurants and resorts, Cannes is a luxury traveler’s playground. Of course, the annual Cannes Film Festival – an affluent, A-list affair – has cemented the city’s reputation.

    Monaco at nightMonaco
    Not officially a part of France, Monaco is regarded as Europe’s most extravagant city-state. As small as it is renowned, Monaco spans just 200 hectares in size, making it the second smallest country, behind only the Vatican. But don’t let its small size fool you; Monaco is one of the world’s most glamorous locales. Home to the annual Grand Prix de Monaco – an annual Formula One race that runs through the city’s streets – as well as many upscale casinos and Michelin-starred restaurants, Monaco is an ideal port of call on your French Riviera yacht charter.

    Corsica cliffsCorsica
    Corsica the island south of Nice boasts a stunning array of biodiversity, and offers an ideal outdoor escape from the Riviera’s mainland. The island – which lies near Sardinia, is home to countless glittering bays, idyllic coastal cities, near-perfect beaches, and vibrant hilltop villages. While it has been a part of France for more than two centuries now, Corsica has a decidedly different vibe. Yacht charters in Corsica offer plenty to explore: The towering red cliff of Calanques, the Scandola Nature Reserve, and numerous secluded beaches. After a few days of experiencing glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, Corsica offers a peaceful respite.

    South of France Yacht Charters: What to See and Do

    Anchor in the South of France and experience all the excitement and glamour the region has to offer. What can you expect? From rich culture and action-packed festivals, to world-class cuisine and recreation, the French Riviera is one of Europe’s most revered destinations.

    From its rich history, to the delectable cuisine, explore the many sights, smells, tastes and experience on tap in the South of France:

    History & Culture
    Known for its countless Medieval towns, castles and palaces elements, the South of France is a snapshot of its long history. Around every corner, a historical landmark awaits to transport you to the Old World. Culturally, the French Riviera is in a class of its own. You’ll always be close to a senses-awakening experience: Bustling flower markets, trendy craft cocktail bars, countrywide festivals, and some of the world’s most popular events – like the Cannes International Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix – aren’t out of the ordinary. They’re an average day in Paradise.

    Life revolves around food in the South of France. Hands down, this might be the world’s top foodie destination. The cuisine – a distinctive blend of Mediterranean and French flavors – features dishes shaped by sun and sea. In Nice, the region’s gourmet capital, you’ll find the Provenance’s culinary heartbeat, Cours Saleya, a bustling produce market offering tastes of France’s best wines, cheeses, baked goods and veggies. Or visit Marseille, the region’s largest city and also one of the world’s best place for seafood, and indulge in a cup of bouillabaisse, a traditional fish stew. Whatever your palate desires, you’ll find it: from vegetarian favorites like “ratatouille” and “tarte au citron,” to the world’s best wine and, of course, cheese.

    Charterers flock to the French Riviera for the glamour, but it’s just as revered by lovers of the outdoors. Take a hike and escape the bustle of the city in the Maritime Alps, where you’ll find deep gorges, stunning vistas and pristine forests. Of course, in the French Riviera you’ll never be far from a world-class beach or a diving or sportfishing hotspot. Corsica, too, is a nature lovers’ dream. With its protected landscapes, including many isolated and pristine ports, hiking trails and geological features, the island offers plenty to tranquil landscapes to explore.

    If you’re in the South of France, namely Cannes, get ready to experience a nightlife unlike any other place on earth. With the city’s mix of trendy bars, neighborhood pubs and fashionable clubs (where a celebrity sighting isn’t out of the question), a night out in Cannes has the potential to continue even after the sun has already risen. Looking for something more relaxed? Head to the cobbled alleys of Le Suquet for a glass of French wine, or hop over to Monaco for high-rolling gambling.

    Festivals & Events
    The South of France puts on some of the best festivals in the world, and no matter the month, you’re bound to stumble upon an arts festival, regatta or sporting event. Come in May for Monaco’s Grand Prix, a Formula One race that flies with numerous hairpin turns. Or charter a yacht for the Nice Jazz Festival – a world-class affair that’s been running since 1948. A few other options: Carnival in Nice or Monte Carlo’s International Circus Festival draw large crowds each year. But of course, the Cannes International Film Festival, might be the region’s most renowned festival – which transforms Cannes into the center of the world.

    Best Time to Charter in the French Riviera

    Yachting in the South of France is possible all year long – given its balmy climate, long, dry summers, moderate breezes, mild winters and endless sunshine. But the best time to go is between May and September. This is the height of the Mediterranean yacht season, and during spring and summer, you’ll find warm waters, ideal temperatures and a whole host of cultural events to attend.

    Perfect weather. In May and September, charter guests are welcomed by mild Mediterranean temperatures – in the mid-60s. In summer, though, the coast heats up – with temperatures jumping into the mid-70s and low-80s in June, July, August and September. Throughout the high season, water temperatures are ideal for swimming, reaching a refreshing 70+ degrees in June which lasts into October.

    Ideal yachting conditions. From May to September, yachters benefit from light winds and calm seas. And as with the majority of the Mediterranean, July and August – the height of the summer – are the hottest and most crowded months. The “shoulder seasons,” on the other hand – May, June and September – boast ideal yachting conditions, with decidedly less crowds.

    VAT (Value Added Tax) on Charters in France

    As any yachter knows, all private yacht charters are subject to certain Value Added Tax (VAT) laws. When embarking from the South of France, the applicable VAT rate is 20% – due in full if the charter includes only French or EU waters, determined by whether or not a voyage stays within 12 nautical miles of the French mainland and its islands.

    If the voyage includes high seas and international waters, the charterer can benefit from a 50% reduction on the standard 20% VAT rate.