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Known for having one of the top European casinos, only second to that of Monte Carlo, San Remo, Italy is a haven for the young, the rich, and the beautiful. A sun-kissed Mediterranean resort, San Remo is recognized by its majestic, seaside villas, French Riviera-style luxury, and international charm.

Called the “City of Flowers” because of its plentiful colorful flora, this idyllic town has also become known for its annual music festival and 298-kilometer Milan-San Remo Classic, the world’s longest professional one-day cycling race. San Remo is home to hidden old towns, intricate cobblestone passageways, and two, vibrant harbors; evidence of its inherent, familiar culture. Visit San Remo on your yacht charter in Italy.

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San Remo Yacht Charters – Things To Do & See

San Remo yacht charters

Madonna Della Costa Sanctuary
Sitting on a hilltop above La Pigna, the area’s oldest quarter of the city, the Madonna Della Costa Sanctuary is visible from pretty much anywhere you go in San Remo. Dating back to the 17th century, this sanctuary houses pieces of Italian history – an ornate altar, organ, and beautiful paintings and statues from the 17th to 19th centuries; a dome erected in the late 1700s; and a cobblestone mosaic, from 1651, that leads the way to the sanctuary doors.

La Pigna
Named for the word that means “pinecone” due to its unique shape, La Pigna is the old, pedestrian-only town of San Remo. Filled with ancient alleyways and arches, and having survived plentiful wars and nearby battles, La Pigna is exactly the same as it was centuries ago. Its haunting charm comes from having few inhabitants wander its deserted streets, and for those that do still live there, modernities like electricity and satellite are only installed where needed.

Gardens of Queen Elena
Sitting at the top of La Pigna, the Gardens of Queen Elena- created in 1890 – are filled with informal clusters of thick trees, idyllic walkways, and enchanting sea views. After an earthquake in 1877 destroyed the buildings that once stood there, these gardens were established in the resulting open space; dedicated to Queen Elena, who regularly visited San Remo.

Visit romantic San Remo on your luxury yacht charter in the Italian Riviera.