Portofino Yacht Charters

Portofino is a picture-perfect escape for yacht charters that offers guests many different sights to see and activities in which to indulge. A few days in Portofino takes you a step back in time.

The desired destination for A-list faces, royals, and wealthy yacht charter guests alike, Portofino is characterized by colorful, pastel houses dotting its coast, the Medieval Castello Brown, boutique shopping, delicious local cafes and clear, emerald-green waters.

For a taste of the village’s diverse geography, head to the Portofino Regional Park – it’s the perfect mix of dense forests, green grasslands, orchards, and gardens. Venture out of the park, and still, there are sights to be seen: like the San Giorgio Church and the lighthouse, both of which boast exquisite views of the coastline and sea below.

When you’re done wandering through its streets, sail your yacht to the Abbazia di San Fruttuoso; set amidst pine and olive trees on the land, dive into the sea below for a larger-than-life bronze statue of Jesus Christ. Named the Cristo degli Abissi, it is said to protect sailors and divers from harm.

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Portofino Yacht Charters – Things To Do & See

Portofino yacht charters

As you plan your next Italy yacht charter vacation to the Italian Riviera, make some time for Portofino to see the beautiful sites listed below:

Castello Brown
Known for its unique stature and unusual decor, the Genoese-built Castello Brown stems from a complicated history; fought over, throughout the years, by Venetians, Savoyards, Sardinians, Austrians, and finally, Napoleon. Turned into a private mansion in 1867, it boasts a grandiose, neo-Gothic, tiled staircase, idyllic gardens, and just a short walk away, Portofino’s beautiful lighthouse.

Abbazia della Cervara
Built in 1361 by a local priest, Ottone Lanfranco, this abbey dedicated to St. Jerome. Named for the native woodlands that surround it, this enchanting abbey houses formal gardens, a 15th-century chapterhouse, a 16th-century cloister, and the Saracen Tower. It has been home to Benedictine monks, three popes, French king François I, and even a saint – St. Catherine of Siena.

Church of San Giorgio
Overlooking the beautiful Bay of Portofino, the oval-shaped Church of San Giorgio has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times since it was first erected in 1154. Home to relics of San Giorgio brought back by sailors who were active in the area’s crusades, hidden in a marble shrine that sits beneath the church altar, this church is regarded for both its beauty and historical significance.

Visit romantic Portofino on your luxury yacht charter in the Italian Riviera.