Italian Riviera Yacht Charters

Explore charming coastal towns and stunning landscapes on your yacht charter in the Italian Riviera.

The Italian Riviera defines old-fashioned Italian glamour and elegance while remaining full of natural beauty and a perfect destination for romantic yacht charters.

Stretched along the Ligurian Sea, from the Italian-French border to the Tuscan border, the Italian Riviera boasts an enchanting mix of interesting history, colorful views, unspoiled beaches, and some of the best local cuisine. One of today’s most desired destinations for yacht charters in the Mediterranean, this coastline has been a hotspot and muse for artists, writers, celebrities, and royalty since the early 1800s.

Wander through the quaint, cobblestone streets of its handsome towns, enjoy a glass of wine as the sun goes down over the Ligurian Sea, or have a bowl of homemade pasta at a local cafe, and prepare to have inhabitants of the region regale you with tales of their homeland’s history. With its intriguing museums, stunning landscapes, and mild climate, the Italian Riviera attracts yacht charter guests from all over the world. Factor in its glamorous music scene, authentic open-air markets, cozy seafront towns, and idyllic routes perfect for hiking through the Cinque Terre, and you will soon find that the Italian Riviera has something for every type of yacht charter guests.

During your next yacht charter in Italy, sail through the Italian Riviera and explore some of its most beautiful sites, listed below:

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Italian Riviera ports and yacht charter destinations

Cinque Terre yacht charters

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre consists of coastal villages – Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Monterosso al Mare, and Manarola – each of which boasts breathtaking landscapes, verdant vineyards, classic Italian architecture, and traditional local fare. The desired Mediterranean yacht charter destination, Cinque Terre it has some of the most photographed landscapes in the entire world.

Equal parts functional and historical, the Medieval town of Genoa serves as the center of Italian economics. Taking yacht charter guests a step back in time, Genoa is home to both the house where Christopher Columbus was born and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Renaissance and Baroque Rolli Palaces. Wander through its cozy streets, and you’ll find a collection of famous, must-see churches, palaces, and museums – including the St. Lawrence Cathedral, the cemetery of Staglieno, and the Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art, to name a few.

As small as it is perfect, the Italian fishing village of Portofino is known for its wealthy travelers, high-end shopping, pricey, though delicious fare, and a yacht-filled harbor. A popular summer destination for Hollywood glitterati and royals alike, this town boasts perfect warm weather, enchanting horizon views, beautiful people-watching, and crystal blue waters that dare not be missed.

San Remo
San Remo is home to the second-most famous Mediterranean casino – with the top undeniably being in Monte Carlo. Dubbed the “City of Flowers” because of its colorful summer flora, San Remo is recognized for its majestic villas, yacht-filled harbors, and French Riviera-style glam – all of which make it a popular charter destination for glitzy Europeans.