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Stretching a meager four miles in length, the tiny island of Capri has historically been a popular destination for Hollywood starlets, royalty, A-list celebrities, and international jet setters.

Known just as much for its natural beauty as its location in idyllic Italy, Capri is regarded as the perfect yacht charter destination because of its white-sand beaches, towering seaside cliffs, glimmering turquoise waters, secluded caves, and vast, verdant plains.

Once the private playground of Emperor Augustus, today, Capri is a chosen summer destination for luxury yacht charters and guests yearning to explore its plentiful sites – from the wondrous Grotta Azzura and heavenly Monte Solare views to its 14th- century monastery of Certosa di San Giacomo, Emperor Tiberius’s palace ruins, and the bustling “salotto del mondo,” otherwise known as the social center of Capri. Its inherent charm is further complemented by its plentiful designer shops, cool cafes, grand villas, overgrown orchards, and yacht-filled harbors – making it the ideal destination for luxury yacht charters in Italy.

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Capri Yacht Charters – Things To Do & See

Capri yacht charters

Grotta Azzura
With a name that translates to “ Blue Grotto,” this coastal sea cave is known for the way sunlight passes through its underwater cavity; reflecting the water in such a way that it illuminates the cavern a bright, jeweled blue. Believed to be discovered by the Romans, and once a hideaway for many ancient Roman statues, Grotta Azzura has been a popular tourist destination since the 1830s. Its reputation preceded itself after German writer August Kopisch turned the grotto into the theoretical emblem of Capri, a testament to the favorable impression he had of Blue Grotto that he recorded in his 1838 book: Entdeckung der blauen Grotte auf der Insel Capri.

Certosa di San Giacomo
Founded by monk Giacomo Arcucci in 1363, this Carthusian monastery is composed of a pharmacy, a women’s church, monk dwellings, and buildings where guests can stay. A product of Renaissance design, Certosa di San Giacomo, today, houses the Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach museum and a local high school and is used as a venue for major cultural events.

Monte Solaro
Soaring 589 meters above sea level, Monte Solaro is touted for having the highest and most panoramic views of the island of Capri, the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and the mountains of Calabria. Its thick blanket of morning fog has earned it the nickname of “Acchiappanuvole,” which means “cloud catcher,” and it is frequented by residents and tourists alike craving its sacred Mediterranean views.

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