Zakynthos Yacht Charters

Called the “flower of the East,” Zakynthos is straight out of a fairytale; offering a varied landscape of verdant valleys, sandy shores, jagged mountains, hidden coves and more than 7,000 species of flowers sprawling throughout.

With this inherent adoration of nature comes a respect for the creatures that wander its lands; and Zakynthos is careful to protect its two most endangered animal species: the caretta sea turtle and the monachus seal.

Named after the first believed inhabitant of the island – the son of Dardanos, ancient ruler of Frigia – Zakynthos is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea. Ruled by the Venetians from 1484 to 1797, remnants of their influence can still be seen in the island’s architectural footprint, including a unique, Venetian-built fort. While much of the original buildings were destroyed in the 1953 earthquake and the fires that ensued, today, the town has been rebuilt. While the new structures were put in place with stronger anti-seismic specifications, architects were careful to retain much of the same aesthetic as the original buildings. Thus, visiting Zakynthos is not too different from turning back a page of Greek history; making this island a true Venetian gem amongst a sea of Grecian treasures.

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