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An idyllic island where Greece’s ancient past meets its modern present, Syros is a predominantly rural island that functions as the legal and administrative center of all of the Cyclades.

Sprawling with diverse villages and sites – like Ermoupoli, with its elegant Venetian mansions; Vaporia, with its beautiful views; a variety of churches; and central square’s Town Hall and Apollo Theatre, each dressed in a Neoclassical style – Syros offers yacht charter guests a glimpse into its varied, but historic past.

Boasting enchanting beaches and vibrant cultural life, Syros is bustling with visitors all year long, giving everyone a taste of the best of Greek living.

Reserve your private charter yacht today, and stop by Syros during your next adventure through the Aegean Sea for an escape you’ll never forget.

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Syros Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Syros island yacht charters

Ermoupoli: With a name that translates to “the city of Hermes,” the village of Ermoupoli pays homage to the God of Commerce and Knowledge with which it associates. While it is known today for its marble-paved streets, majestic public squares, historic houses, and grandiose churches, Ermoupoli initially rose to fame after the 1821 revolution. During this time, the island of Syros became a haven for refugees forced out of their countries, and the port of Ermoupoli became a critical source of economic development. With an architectural scheme that favors a fusion of neoclassical and Venetian styles, Ermoupoli is equal parts historical and idyllic.

Ano Syros: Located just a short distance from Ermoupoli, the medieval village of Ano Syros is characterized by its perfect, quaint streets, authentic Greek and locally owned taverns, delicious cuisine, and small white houses connected by stairs. Given that the main part of town is not accessible by car, Ano Syros invites yacht charter guests to explore its wonder on foot. Providing a snapshot into Greece’s ancient and cultural past, this historic village leaves pedestrians feeling like they are walking through a treasured, outdoor museum.

Lighthouse of Syros at Gaidouronisi: Just opposite the entrance to the port of Ermoupoli, the stone-made Lighthouse of Syros, which is located on Gaidouronisi, boasts the oldest rotating beacon of the Aegean Sea. With its original construction beginning as early as 1834, this lighthouse officially began operating in 1847. Staying true to its authenticity, the Lighthouse of Syros has a special “keeper” living on the property to ensure that this monument keeps rotating all year long.