Spetses Yacht Charters

Virtually undiscovered, with horse-drawn carriage as the preferred mode of transport, the enchanting Spetses island offers curious yacht charter guests an authentic snapshot of Grecian luxury and history.

With its mystical sunsets, quaint, familiar feel and pleasant demeanor, its hard to believe this island was also a major player in the War of Independence. Even still, its long naval history and reputation for being the place where the revolution flag was raised in the 1821 War of Independence remains apparent in the island’s proud residents and statuesque buildings.

At the center of the island, its town square sits timeless and idyllic; lined with grandiose villas, ancient churches and local tavernas, and dotted with pedestrians smiling and laughing as they go for a leisurely stroll. Boasting an energetic and happy vibe, the island’s waterfront includes rows of luxurious yachts floating seemingly aimlessly in the Saronic Gulf; just around the corner from Spetses’ historic shipyards, where local workers still hammer away like they did during the War of Independence.

Set sail to Spetses on your private charter yacht, and discover its radiating history firsthand.

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