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The popular island of Skiathos is home to over sixty amazing beaches that offer easy access to the water, beautiful golden sand, and fabulous views.

Koukounariés Beach has a lush pine forest with needles that provide an excellent source of shade and actually touch the water. Nearby, within the pine forest, is Strofilia, a protected wetland area. Meyáli Ámmos is another popular beach with tavernas located right by the sea. Banana Beach (or Krassa Bay) is popular with the younger crowd because of its wild parties and water sports facilities.

Cafes and bars fill your need for food or drink without ever leaving the sand. If things get too rowdy, you can always cross to Small Banana Beach for a secluded and tranquil beach experience. Other quiet beaches can be found along the western coast, including Mandráki, Eliá, Agkistros, and Small and Big Asélinos. For a truly unique experience, head to Lalária, which is only accessible by boat. White rock formations, small round pebbles, pristine waters, and the “hollow rock” forming an impressive backdrop to this stunning beach.

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But Skiathos is more than just sun and sand. When the sun drops, the wild side of the island awakens. Old Harbour, a pedestrian street, draws young people from across the globe who dance in the streets until the sun reappears. Some revelers head to Ammoudia, where the open-air clubs draw quite a crowd.

Skiathos yacht charters

The capital of Skiathos Town is a modern resort with plenty of tourist facilities, including the natural harbor which is simply breath-taking. The area – with its paved streets, little white houses with red-tiled roofs, and picturesque gardens – make for a fabulous afternoon stroll. If nature walks are more your style, Skiathos has plenty to offer that range in length from one to six hours hiking time.

The small peninsula of Bourtzi offers views of the ruins of a Venetian fortress which was established in 2107. The densely packed pine trees and views of the archipelago make this area one of the most romantic spots on Skiathos. Other sites include the former house of author Alexandros Papadiamantis, which has been converted to a museum. The Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary has four museums and Kastro (castle) is a natural fortress used in the 14th century.