Saronic Islands Yacht Charters

Visit the Saronic Islands on your luxury yacht charter in Greece

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  • Just a short sail from the Greek capital of Athens, which is home to the country’s main port, the idyllic Saronic islands are the perfect destination for an adventure at sea on your very own private charter yacht.

    An archipelago of seven main whimsical islands, each steeped in an impressive Hellenic history and mythology, the Saronic islands are known for their celestial beaches, crystal waters, vibrant culture and an inherent, traditional pride. With the islands of Aegina, Agistri, Hydra, Methana, Poros, Salamina, and Spetses making up the core of this European destination, each floating seemingly aimlessly atop the calm waters of the Saronic Gulf, the Saronic Islands are unlike any other.

    Constantly surrounded by warm waters and near-perfect weather, these islands make the perfect destination for yacht charters. Sheltered from the wind and producing very little rain, the Saronic islands offer a calm and enchanting respite that promises to make your most sacred yacht charter vacation dreams a reality.

    Visit these seven islands on your journey through the Saronic Gulf for a yachting escape you never thought possible:

    Aegina GreeceAegina
    The capital of Aegina is well-liked because of its characteristically Greek culture, villages lined with neoclassical buildings and its vibrant neighborhoods of inhabitants. One popular destination on this lush island is the fish market in the center of town. Olive and pine trees grow throughout the island.

    Agistri GreeceAgistri
    Highly regarded for its tranquility, the island of Agistri boasts tranquil beaches, beautiful sea views and lush, green landscapes. In addition, this beautiful island offers many attractions and services for the lucky yacht charter guests who take the opportunity to explore it.

    Hydra GreeceHydra
    Named after the nine-headed monster of Greek mythology, Hydra is a sophisticated island with red-tiled houses and paved stone alleyways. Once a popular retreat for famous artists in the 1960s, Hydra still has a cosmopolitan flair today, making it a popular stop for yacht charters in the Saronic Islands.

    Poros GreecePoros
    Poros is loved for its verdant landscapes and secluded beaches. Since many tourists prefer the lively Hydra, the splendor of the island remains virtually untouched. The capital offers both neoclassical and Venetian buildings, typical of the classic Greek style.

    Spetses GreeceSpetses
    The small island of Spetses is known for its numerous pine trees, sandy beaches and secluded bays, the latter of which makes it an ideal destination for yacht charters. Dotted along the island’s traditional stone alleyways are colorful villages, recognized by their familiar, wooden balconies.

    Methana GreeceMethana
    Methana is recognized more for its volcanic landscape and thermal, healing waters than its bustling crowds and tasty local eateries. Constituting the shape of a peninsula, and the result of centuries-old volcanoes that have emerged from the sea, Methana’s charm and wonder is unique.

    Salamina GreeceSalamina
    Equal parts industrial and serene, the island of Salamina, the largest of the Saronic islands, is the current site of Greece’s naval headquarters. This island is primarily known for being the site of the Battle of Salamis, where the Athenian, Thermistocles, defeated the Persians in 480 BC.

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