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If there’s one place more magical than any other on earth, it would definitely be Santorini. The idyllic backdrop of some of the 21st-century’s most enchanting romantic films, the beautiful island of Santorini is the result of a volcanic explosion that occurred more than 3,000 years ago – forever changing the landscape of the Greek islands.

With its unique topography and reverence to the past, Santorini has a character all of its own. Wind through its cobblestone streets to the cliffs above, and enjoy heavenly views of the caldera below. While you’re there, catch a glimpse of its rocky mountains dotted with throngs of white houses and royal blue accents; the view is worthy of a postcard.

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Santorini Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Santorini Greece yacht charters

Sunset: In Santorini, the beautiful sunset is more than just a symbol that a day has ended; it’s a cherished sight, and one of the most celebrated times of day in the whole of the Cyclades. With the idyllic waters of the Aegean Sea, enchanting caldera, and bright, perfect sun all day long, Santorini boasts a sunset view unlike any other place on earth. While you can see it from almost anywhere on the island, get the best views from a sunset cruise or Tropical Bar, a relaxed hotspot with reggae and rock music all night long.

Hot Springs: The result of volcanic eruptions that left this beautiful island built on pieces of scattered volcanic rock, Santorini has a landscape all of its own. At the center of its basin are two small islands made of black lava. With your charter yacht, you can get close and personal with the island’s steaming volcano. After you do, the yacht can take you to one of the oldest volcano’s most cherished natural sites: the yellowed waters of Palea Kameni’s hot springs, which are used by many today for its therapeutic elements.

Fira: A charming destination for curious yacht charter guests of any age, Fira, the capital of Santorini, is the Greek village often recognized for its miraculous photos, picturesque views, and rolling cliffs covered in white houses with blue windows and doors. Wind through the angled, cobblestone streets of its town center, you will find a range of hidden shops, shaded taverns, local fare, and interesting inhabitants – all as excited to show you the island as you are to explore it. From its high churches to its boutique hotels, everywhere in Fira boasts immaculate views of the mystical caldera below. For an experience that is truly authentic, don’t take a taxi or cable car from the sea-level port up to Fira, which sits on top of a cliff. Instead, ride a donkey.