Santorini Yacht Charters

If there’s one place more magical than any other on earth, it would definitely be Santorini. The idyllic backdrop of some of the 21st-century’s most enchanting romantic films, the beautiful island of Santorini is the result of a volcanic explosion that occurred more than 3,000 years ago – forever changing the landscape of the Greek islands.

With its unique topography and reverence to the past, Santorini has a character all of its own. Wind through its cobblestone streets to the cliffs above, and enjoy heavenly views of the caldera below. While you’re there, catch a glimpse of its rocky mountains dotted with throngs of white houses and royal blue accents; the view is worthy of a postcard.

Anchor your private charter yacht in Santorini, and prepare for a weekend in paradise you won’t want to leave.

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