Salamina Yacht Charters

As the largest of the Saronic islands, Salamina is 95 kilometers in length; floating just a short distance from mainland Greece. Home to more than 31,000 inhabitants, with additional tourists during peak season, Salamina is equal parts industrial and subdued.

Famous for the Battle of Salamis, where the Athenian, Thermistocles, defeated the Persians in 480 BC, this island is now home to the headquarters of the Greek navy.

Believed to be named after the mythical Salamis, one of the five beautiful daughters of the river god, Asopos, Salamina is the meeting point of ancient and modern Greece. With its statuesque mountain, Mavrovouni, reigning as the highest point on the island, Salamina’s forested landscape and endearing blue waters make it the perfect retreat for your next yacht charter adventure through the Saronic islands.

Reserve your private charter yacht today, and set sail to the quaint and arduous Salamina during your next Saronic respite.

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