Rhodes Yacht Charters

As the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, and the archipelago’s very own capital, Rhodes has something for every type of yacht charter guest. Known for its lush, rolling hills, translucent waters, impeccable beaches and verdant valleys, this idyllic island is a yachter’s paradise.

Boasting a robust history – transitioning from a significant seafaring and trading village in the 400s BC, to a thriving medieval metropolis under the rule the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem in 1309, to the conquered victims of Turk and Italian rulers, and finally, to a World Heritage Site in 1988 – Rhodes is as ancient as it is beautiful.

Today, this Greek island is the meeting point of both cosmopolitan and traditional lifestyles. Wind back through Byzantine history on it’s tiny, cobblestone streets, go out for drinks and dancing at one of its plentiful nightclubs, or take a stroll through the perfectly poised town of Lindos; where white, square houses cascade down the island’s hills, just barely gracing the shores of the Aegean Sea. No matter what you do, Rhodes promises a relaxed adventure with a modern twist, unlike any other escape you’ve ever taken before.

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