Poros Yacht Charters

The result of two islands merging into one – Sphería and Kalávria, permanently fused together after the eruption of the Méthana volcano in 273 BC – Poros is adorned with vast areas of lush greenery, celestial beaches and a vibrant, cosmopolitan ambiance; evident in its store-lined waterfront, grandiose mansions, elegant cobblestone streets and intimate, but popular restaurants and cafes.

Famous for its geographic treasures, the island of Poros is filled with rolling hills and mountainous terrain, and its coasts serve as a haven for some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, making it the perfect stop on a yacht charter in Greece.

Dotted with history throughout, Poros has Greek mythology and tradition at the core of its charm. In fact, its strategic location made it a significant location during the 1821 Greek Revolution, and in the early 19th century, it was even the site of the first Greek naval base.

Reserve your private charter yacht today, and peer into the heart of traditional Greece as you explore the quaint and luxurious isle of Poros.

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