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Small and unassuming, Paros is one of the most popular Cycladic islands. With its cozy mountain villages, trendy towns, and welcoming people, this idyllic island has a charm that is distinctly its own.

Ideal for young people, families, and couples alike, Paros’ golden and exotic beaches are perfect for sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and swimming. Its villages – which include whitewashed houses, quaint roads, and churches with royal blue domes – reflect typical Cycladic architecture. Marble found by digging into the island’s mountains has been used to sculpt some of history’s most critical structures, including the Venus de Milo and Napoleon’s tomb.

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Make sure you stop by Paros during your next yacht charter adventure through the Aegean Sea and get ready to experience an idyllic weekend in Paradise as you’ve never had before.

Paros Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Paros yacht charters

The Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapiliani: Just near the port of Parikia, the Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is one of the most preserved Paleo-Christian sites in all of Greece. Believed to have been built by Saint Constantine, the first Emperor of Constantinople, in the 4th-century AD, this church pays homage to the Assumption of the Virgin; the result of a promise made to the Virgin by Saint Helene, Constantine’s mother. Having changed over the years due to Paleo-Christian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine influences, this church is unlike any other. With a name like Ekatontapiliani, Greek for “the Church with the Hundred Doors,” this church is rumored to have 99 doors. In keeping with tradition, it is believed that a secret door will open when the church of Hagia Sofia in Constantinople becomes Orthodox again.

Parikia: Also called Paros Town or Hora, Parikia, the capital of Paros, sits on the same site where the ancient city and capital used to rule Greece. Built around the island’s port, Parikia is recognizable by its white, cubed houses and vibrant wooden doors and balconies. Near the port itself, a whitewashed windmill stands tall; a symbol of Paros. Dotted with a varied nightlife, locale taverns, and family-owned restaurants serving delicious fare, there is little Parikia doesn’t offer for every type of yacht charter guest.

Kolimbithres Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Paros, Kolimbithres can be found on the bay of Naoussa. Surrounded by impressive, naturally made granite structures, the beach is characterized by one sand cove after another; dotted with sunbeds, umbrellas, and sunbathers in between. Accessible by fishing boat or narrowed roads, Kolimbithres invites locals and yacht charter guests alike to take in its relaxing sun, grab a drink at one of its few local taverns, and of course, take in the beautiful view.