Greece Yacht Charters

Luxury Greece yacht charters will transport you to one of the most magnificent places in the world and leave you feeling like a god or goddess. There’s a reason why Greece has been the most popular summer destination in recent years – it’s an incredible experience full of history, beauty, and adventure.

Greece brings to mind bright white cottages with rounded, azure-colored roofs that match the brilliant ocean; or colorful fishing boats bobbing in peaceful harbors as the golden sun warms the streets.

Aside from its vivid landscape, it’s also a land of legends and antiquity. Zeus and Athena, Aristotle, and Socrates – myths and philosophies from Ancient Greece have been foundational to modern-day culture and knowledge.

Greece is considered to be a cradle of Western civilization, and what better way is there to explore it than with a luxury, crewed private yacht charter? Greece is one of our specialties, and with our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can help you make the right choice of yacht for your charter based on your taste, preferences, and budget.

Yacht charter services from Worldwide Boat include the planning of every stage of your private boating or sailing holiday. Browse our featured yachts online and contact us today. With our great selection of Greece yachts, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect yacht rental. Greece islands, amazing locations, and adventures await! Opa!

Explore with a Yacht Charter: Greece Highlights

  • Lovely villages with seaside taverns
  • Charming whitewashed houses
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Rich history and ancient sites
  • Vibrant nightlife
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When to Go


When to go: May through early October

The yacht charter season in Greece begins in early May and runs through early October; however, most charter guests visit during the high season of July and August. During these warm months, prices are generally higher (as much as 10%) and so is demand, so we recommend booking far enough in advance to ensure that you secure the best boat and crew for your needs.

The Meltemi wind can be strong during the summer months, especially in the Cyclades Islands.

During the months surrounding the high season – May, June, September, and early October – the weather is pleasant and Greece yacht charters may be easier to book. There will be fewer tourists on land and the waters will be clear. The Meltemi winds have not begun or have already ceased.

Why charter a yacht in Greece?

Remarkable ancient history

Greece is known as the birthplace of democracy and Western civilization. Remnants still stand of ancient Greek and Minoan civilizations with well-preserved monuments, artifacts, and ancient sites.

Unique architecture

Greece has an architecture that dates back as far as 600 B.C. Many visitors come to enjoy its temples, most of which are in ruins, though some are quite intact. Greece is also known for its open-air theaters, which date from Hellenic times, around 350 B.C. Additionally, there are public squares, mausoleums, gateways, and colonnades.

Great local cuisine and wine

While in Greece, charter guests take advantage of the delicious Greek cuisine and wine offerings, which are an important part of the culture.

Sampling the delicious moussaka, a staple of most Greek meals is a must. This oven-baked casserole includes eggplant and spiced meat filling, topped with a creamy béchamel. Baklava should also be on your trip menu. It’s a crunchy, sweet pastry made of flaky phyllo dough and cinnamon-spiced nut filling, covered in syrup. Yacht charters to Greece will typically serve these dishes on-board, but nothing can compare to eating them fresh when visiting the islands.

As for beverages, white wine is popular in the warm lands of Greece. The lovely Assyrtiko, a Santorini varietal, has a light lemon and fruity flavor. Or sample a Restina wine, a white that’s infused with the sap of the Allepo pine tree and a Greek specialty.

Natural beauty

Greece yacht charters can provide guests with unique views of the more than 6,000 islands and islets throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Beaches range from pristine white sands to deep black in color. Greece has it all: pebble beaches, sheltered bays, coves, coastal caves, wetlands, rocky interiors, calderas, and olive groves!

Spectacular coastline

The coastline of Greece, including the islands, is almost 10,000 miles long. You can find sandy beaches, pebble shorelines, darkened caves, and steep rock walls. There are many inlets, bays, and peninsulas along the shoreline, making for excellent cruising and water sports. This incredible coast makes Greece the perfect destination for yacht charters.

Great beaches

Whether you prefer a traditional white-sand beach, an elegant pebble beach, or a unique black-sand beach, the islands of Greece can provide it. You will be able to locate both secluded beaches with not a soul in sight and popular beaches with partygoers or families.