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Explore island Milos on your luxury yacht charter in Greece

The idyllic result of ancient volcanic eruptions, the island of Milos offers yacht charter guests an interesting range of beautiful landscapes; from odd-shaped rocks jutting out of the perfect blue Aegean Sea to soft, white sand beaches and rocky cliffs.

Forming a triangle with the neighboring Kimolos and Polygeos islands, Milos is home to countless underwater caves eager to be explored by divers and snorkelers from across the globe. With an archaeological history dating back to prehistoric times, this popular destination is the site of early Christian catacombs.

As beautiful as it is romantic, yacht charter guests come to Milos for more than 80 picturesque beaches, volcanic landscapes, turquoise waters, idyllic sunset views, and enchanting villages.

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Next time you set sail through the Aegean Sea, anchor your yacht at Milos and discovered the buried treasure that awaits.

Milos Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Milos yacht charters

Sarakiniko Beach: As the most popular beach on the island of Milos, Sarakiniko is undeniably enchanting. With its white, rocky exterior standing tall against the sapphire blue waters of the idyllic Aegean Sea, it should come as no surprise that this beach is one of the most photographed locations in all of the Cyclades Islands. Home to a sunken shipwreck, unique rock formations, and a dramatic, but beautiful, background, Sarakiniko is the perfect place for visitors to tan under the warm Grecian sun, go snorkeling or simply take in Milos’ treasured landscape.

Papafragas Beach: Tucked deep within one of Milos’ hidden rocky caves, Papafragas Beach is an ecological destination not to be missed. Its unspoiled beaches and crystal, turquoise waters provide the perfect backdrop for a quiet retreat amidst some of the world’s most beautiful views. Hard to find, but worth discovering, Papafragas Beach is one of the island’s true buried treasures.

Trypiti: With a name that translates to “riddled with holes,” the quaint village of Trypiti is believed to be the birthplaces of the famed Venus de Milo. Perched upon the hillsides of Milos, a common trait of traditional villages in the Cyclades, Trypiti boasts celestial views of Milos and the surrounding archipelago, below. Located just outside the ancient city of Plaka, this village sits near Christian catacombs dating back to the 2nd century BC and more than 2,000 burial recesses. It still retains its original authenticity today.

Panagia Korfiatissa: Stemming from 1810, the church of Panagia Korfiatissa is located on the steep cliffs of the western side of Plaka. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this piece of religious history exists today in its remnants: like the pictures of Cretan-Byzantine art, silver boxes containing various holy relics, and the gilded epitaph of 1600 by the Virgin Mary Skiniotissa, to name a few. Noticed by travelers for its impressive architecture, Panagia Korfiatissa offers visitors pristine views of beautiful sunsets over the Aegean Sea below.