Milos Yacht Charters

The idyllic result of ancient volcanic eruptions, the island of Milos offers yacht charter guests an interesting range of beautiful landscapes; from odd-shaped rocks jutting out of the perfect blue Aegean Sea to soft, white sand beaches and rocky cliffs.

Forming a triangle with the neighboring Kimolos and Polygeos islands, Milos is home to countless underwater caves eager to be explored by divers and snorkelers from across the globe. With an archaeological history dating back to prehistoric times, this popular destination is the site of early Christian catacombs. As beautiful as it is romantic, yacht charter guests come to Milos for more than 80 picturesque beaches, volcanic landscapes, turquoise waters, idyllic sunset views and enchanting villages.

Next time you set sail through the Aegean Sea, anchor your yacht at Milos and discovered the buried treasure that awaits.

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