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Boasting some of the best beaches in all of the Mediterranean Sea, the remote island of Lefkas (Lefkada) is draped with majestic forests, roaming mountains, and stunning views.

As the fourth largest Greek island, it’s separated from the mainland by nothing other than Drepanos, a narrow canal, and a floating bridge — making it one of only two Grecian islands accessible by car.

With its combination of modern and ancient Greek traditions, and whimsical, fairytale-like feel, Lefkas is a popular destination for yacht charters in the Ionian Sea. Seduced by the island’s perfect weather, magical beaches, sparkling waterfalls, and inherent charm, yacht charter guests like to visit Lefkas and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

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Float your private charter yacht along the coast of Lefkas and experience the charm of this precious Grecian island firsthand.

Lefkas Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Lefkas yacht charters

Nydri: Once the playground of billionaire Aristotle Onassis, today, Nydri is Lefkas’ largest and most popular tourist resort. A world of its own, this seafront oasis is home to a long stretch of delicious restaurants and local bars; and even functions as a harbor for avid yachters seeking a lively, but the idyllic port of call. In the mood for something more active? No problem — Nydri is surrounded by beautiful flatland that is ideal for cycling, exploration, and irreplaceable views of Springtime’s colorful blossoms and wildflowers.

Medieval Castle of Agia Mavra: Built in the 15th century by a woman named Helen Palaiologina — who erected this church in honor of Agia Mavra, who once protected her from a horrible storm — The Medieval Castle of Agia Mavra was later restored by the Venetians in 1684. With its surrounding fortress once housing the church of Agia Mavra, as well as the church of Latin Pandokrator and various schools, barracks, water tanks, hospitals, storage rooms, and meeting places for politicians, this historic gem was destroyed in an attack by Italy during World War II. Meander through its winding halls, and you might even find a cannon with the name “Carlo Carmozzi for Bergamo,” an Italian weapon manufacturer.

Lefkada Town: Of Lefkas’ beautiful Mediterranean villages, surrounded on all sides by water and mountainous terrain, its capital, Lefkada Town, has a vibrance and character that is truly its own. As the administrative center of the island, this historic village has something for every kind of traveler; wander its streets to find delicious bars and eateries, boutique and local shopping, beautiful beaches, and yachting galore.

Waterfalls of Dimosari: Surrounded by verdant forests and flora, the whimsical Waterfalls of Dimosari flow freely from Lefkas’ jagged, mountainous terrain. Its cold pools offer a revitalizing respite from the summer heat on this Grecian island. Today, it has become a popular spot for locals and tourists craving an escape from the more crowded Lefkada Town, as its natural, crystal clear waters still leave many in awe.