Lefkas Yacht Charters

Boasting some of the best beaches in all of the Mediterranean Sea, the remote island of Lefkas (Lefkada) is draped with majestic forests, roaming mountains and stunning views.

As the fourth largest Greek island, it’s separated from the mainland by nothing other than Drepanos, a narrow canal, and a floating bridge — making it one of only two Grecian islands accessible by car.

With its combination of modern and ancient Greek traditions, and whimsical, fairytale-like feel, Lefkas is a popular destination for yacht charters in the Ionian Sea. Seduced by the island’s perfect weather, magical beaches, sparkling waterfalls and inherent charm, yacht charter guests like to visit Lefkas and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Float your private charter yacht along the coast of Lefkas and experience the charm of this precious Grecian island firsthand.

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