Kos Yacht Charters

Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece and is situated near the Turkish coastline. It is home to spectacular beaches and quaint towns and villages. The picturesque scenery, rich culture and history, and lively nightlife all make Island Kos a popular destination for yacht charters.

Draped in Venetian and Ottoman architecture, Kos is filled with plentiful remains of Ancient history; from the famous Asklepieion and Medieval castle, to an Ancient Agora and Roman Odeon. In line with its history, Kos was once home Hippocrates, regarded as the “father of medicine,” in the late 400s BC. Kos’s storied past lends itself to an amazing number of archeological sites today.

A gem among treasures, the natural landscape of the vibrant island of Kos is covered in lush valleys, bright blue coves, rolling hills and rocky edges.

The beaches of Kos are what attract most yacht charter guests to this island paradise. From the nightlife on Kardamena to the swimming at Paradise to the black pebble beach of Thermes, you are bound to find the Kos beach that fits you.

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