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Explore island Kos on your luxury yacht charter in Greece

Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece and is situated near the Turkish coastline. It is home to spectacular beaches and quaint towns and villages. The picturesque scenery, rich culture and history, and lively nightlife all make Island Kos a popular destination for yacht charters.

Draped in Venetian and Ottoman architecture, Kos is filled with plentiful remains of Ancient history; from the famous Asklepieion and Medieval castle to an Ancient Agora and Roman Odeon. In line with its history, Kos was once home Hippocrates, regarded as the “father of medicine,” in the late 400s BC. Kos’s storied past lends itself to an amazing number of archeological sites today.

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A gem among treasures, the natural landscape of the vibrant island of Kos is covered in lush valleys, bright blue coves, rolling hills, and rocky edges.

The beaches of Kos are what attract most yacht charter guests to this island paradise. From the nightlife on Kardamena to the swimming at Paradise to the black pebble beach of Thermes, you are bound to find the Kos beach that fits you.

Kos Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Kos island yacht charters

Asklepieion: Dating back to the third century BC, the Asklepieion is an ancient medical center that was built after the passing of the famous Greek doctor, Hippocrates, as an homage to Asklepios – the god of health and medicine. With religion at the core of its purpose, this hospital was home to a sanctuary for doctors and patients alike to pray; and every physician who worked there was also a priest. Boasting a relaxed, optimistic vibe and ruins of some of the island’s most sacred temples, the Asklepieion sits atop a lush hill, overlooking incomparable views of the village of Kos below.

Mastichari Beach: With its soft, white sands, tree-lined shores, and shimmering emerald waters, Mastichari Beach has become a popular haunt for locals and visitors alike in search of an exotic locale with a serene vibe. Dotted with vibrant lounge chairs and umbrellas, and surrounded by delightful cafes and local fish houses, Mastichari Beach embraces both the island’s traditional and cosmopolitan side. This beach is also home to ruins of an old, Christian Basilica, noticed for its colorful, tiled mosaic floor.

Hippocrates Plane Tree: The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates – an important part of the history of Kos – was once said to have taught his students under this sacred tree. Located on the pebbled Plateia Platanou, this tree is appreciated for its unique history and longevity. Though not expected to live longer than 200 years, this particular plane tree is one of Europe’s oldest; supported, today, by scaffolding to preserve its ancient past.

Zia: A quaint village on the slopes of Mountain Dikeos, the idyllic Zia is hidden amidst verdant forests and natural, flowing streams. Overlooking picturesque views of the island of Kos below, Zia is home to ancient churches, delicious local taverns, and familiar streets lined with boutiques and bars filled with tourists looking for a taste of the whimsical Greek island life. For the best view of the sunset over the Aegean Sea, head due north to Zia’s towering mountain; it’s the highest point on the entire island.

Kefalos: The first capital of Kos, Kefalos, is a magical village sitting atop the island’s rolling hills – known for its narrow streets, ancient ruins, beautiful sea views and historic, Grecian homes. Boasting a celestial cove bordered by a collection of beautiful beaches, like San Beach, Laggades, and the appropriately named Paradise Beach, Kefalos invites travelers to explore its natural wonder, discover its touches of history, and of course, anchor in its perfect waters.