Cyclades Islands Yacht Charters

The Cyclades are the most famous yacht charter destination of all the Greek islands. The Cyclades are the picture-perfect Greek islands, where whitewashed villages tumble down to azure bays.

From smaller islands like Syros and Sifnos to the famous Santorini and Mykonos, and even Delos – recognized today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – in the Cyclades, there is something for everyone. Perfect for yacht charters, the Cyclades are known for their gorgeous sandy beaches, celestial horizon views, ancient traditions, white stone buildings, characteristic blue roofs, delicious food, and of course, its friendly, hospitable people.

Named after the Greek word that means “circular islands,” this archipelago creates a spherical shape in the Aegean Sea — believed to be the result of a fight between Poseidon and the Cyclades nymphs, after which he turned them all into islands. Because of the individuality of each Cyclades Island, along with the close proximity of the islands, a yacht charter is the ideal method of visiting the area.

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Cyclades Islands Yacht Charter Highlights

  • White-washed villages
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Rich history
  • Ancient sites
  • Vibrant nightlife

Cyclades Islands Week-Long Charter Itinerary

Here is a sample week-long itinerary of the Cyclades islands to explore on a charter yacht:

Day 1: Kea

After boarding the boat in Athens, you will cruise to Kea, an exceptionally picturesque island. Located on the south side of Nikolaos Bay, the port of Korissia was a former pirate stronghold in the 13th century. The ancient city of Korissia is home to the remains of the old town walls and a Sanctuary of the Greek god Apollo. Just to the northeast of Kea town is a famous sculpture of a lion, which was carved from the native rock in the 6th century BC. Guests may also choose to visit the small bay of Vourkari and the stunning anchorage of Poleis.

Day 2: Mykonos

Mykonos Little Venice
Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular islands and is known as a modern hub of sun, sand, and parties. Having taken its name from the grandson of the Apollo, and according to mythology, the island was formed from the petrified bodies of giants slain by the god Hercules. The glamorous Mykonos offers a fair amount of everything, from history and tradition to entertainment and fun.

The island’s capital of Chora sprawls out over a wide area, rather than being built in the amphitheater-style of other Greek capitals. Yacht charter guests will enjoy a casual stroll along its narrow marble streets between whitewashed houses with brightly-colored doors and accents. Celebrities and jet-setters head to Mykonos on holiday to partake of its active nightlife, elegant restaurants, and pristine beaches.

Make sure to visit Little Venice, the most romantic place in all of Mykonos with its gorgeous seafront homes, inherent charm, whitewashed buildings, sapphire blue waters, and interesting local fare.

Day 3: Paros

Paros is considered one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. With its cozy mountain villages, trendy towns, and welcoming people, this idyllic island has a charm that is distinctly its own.

Paros’ golden and exotic beaches are perfect for sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and swimming. Its villages – which include whitewashed houses, quaint roads, and churches with royal blue domes – reflect typical Cycladic architecture.

Day 4: Ios

Ios windmill
Some compare the Cyclades Island of Ios to Spring Break in Daytona Beach or Cancun, but once you visit this stunning Greek Island, you will see that Ios is so very much more. It is the international party center of college-age students with on-going fun lasting from June through August. You’ll experience a seemingly endless array of bars, cafes, clubs, and restaurants and thriving nightlife. Spend your days recovering on one of the perfect beaches and crystal clear water.

Day 5: Santorini

Santorini Greece yacht charters
Santorini is the picture-perfect island that represents Greece. With its white-washed houses accented in deep blue against the steep cliff and hovering above the azure waters, it truly is breath-taking. Guests will enjoy fine dining with a myriad of international and local delicacies as well as a large selection of fine wines. Choose from black, red, or white sandy beaches, where you can simply lounge and relax or enjoy some time in the refreshing water.

Be sure to tour the volcanic crater which was engulfed by the sea, and see the hot springs and emissions of gas near the Kammeni Islands, which are the cones of volcanoes that came into being in historical times.

Day 6: Milos

Milos beach
A volcanic island with spectacular geological and rock formations and exceptional beaches with turquoise waters. It has one of the best harbors in the Mediterranean, formed when the sea broke into the crater through a gap on its north-west side. Milos is famous for the color of the sea around the island, the traditional local cuisine, and its friendly people. The famous beaches of the island are Kleftiko and Sarakiniko.

Kleftiko used to be an old hide-out for pirates. Today the geologic formations created by the wind and sea are the perfect place for swimming and exploration. They are accessible only by sea.

Sarakiniko beach is one of the most photographed locations in all of the Cyclades, boasting white volcanic rocks standing tall against the sapphire blue waters of the idyllic Aegean Sea.

Day 7: Serifos

Serifos island
From its translucent waters to its steep mountains, Serifos is nothing if not a haven of natural beauty. With little-to-no tourist amenities and an authenticity unlike any other, Serifos is the perfect respite for charter guests in search of that local Greek experience.

Surrounded by idyllic beaches on every coast, and countless trekking paths and local flora in between, the island’s most enchanting spot is its capital, Chora; an ancient village sitting high on a hilltop, promising unbelievable views of the glowing horizon below.

Day 8: Athens

As the capital of Greece, you are sure to find plenty to do in the sprawling city of Athens. The old mixes with the new as you can tour ancient sites in the morning and head to a cosmopolitan shopping complex in the afternoon. As the center of Greek civilization for over 4,000 years, Athens allows guests to see landmarks from the past in sites such as the Acropolis and the colonnaded Parthenon temple. Yet, they can also enjoy modern Greece in areas such as Kolonaki, Psiri, and Gazi, which offer unparalleled nightlife until the sun rises.