Greece Yacht Charter Itinerary

With hundreds of islands, Greece offers a variety of yacht charter itinerary choices

Greece has around 1400 islands, divided into five regions, which offer an exhilarating charter experience.

Santorini GreeceCyclades Islands
Located in the central Aegean, the Cyclades are the most popular destinations for yacht charters in Greece. The well-known islands of Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini are in this island group. The Cyclades are the quintessential Greek islands with rocky landscape and dazzling white buildings.

Rhodes GreeceDodecanese Islands
The crescent-shaped archipelago of the Dodecanese Islands lie along the Asiaic Turkish coast in the southeast of the Aegean. They are recognizable from their lack of vegetation, except for perhaps Kos and Rhodes, which each feature natural springs and the accompanying greenery.

Zakynthos GreeceIonian Islands
Also known as the “Green Islands”, the Ionian Islands feature a verdant landscape with a prevalence of olive groves. Located to the west of the mainland, the Ionian Islands offer seven main islands with pristine beaches and charming towns. The wind and sailing conditions in the Ionian Sea are ideal.

Poros GreeceSaronic Islands
The Saronic Islands are situated in the Aegean Sea to the east of the Greece mainland. This group of islands is a popular yacht charter destination because of its proximity to Athens and because it offers natural beauty, sandy beaches and charming seaside towns and villages.

Skiathos GreeceSporades Islands
Consisting of eleven islands scattered in the Aegean Sea, there are only four inhabited islands in the Sporades island group. Guests enjoy cruising the bluest, cleanest waters and the landscape of lush mountains.