Ithaca Yacht Charters

Explore island Ithaca on your luxury yacht charter in Greece

Unspoiled by advances of the modern world, Ithaca is a gem in a sea full of treasures and a great stop on your yacht charter in the Ionian Islands.

Surrounded by the lapping, crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea – accompanied only by the clear skies above, nearly perfect Grecian climate, mountainous landscapes, and verdant valleys – Ithaca has a natural enchantment that simply can’t be put into words.

Ask your captain to steer you around the island’s most secluded corners, and take in its natural beauty from the area’s most beautiful accessory: the water. When you’re on the island, you can do as you please. Why? Because according to the Ithacans, “When you’re in Ithaca, you’re home.”

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A great fishing locale, Ithaca invites visitors to sail into its port, Pisaetos, and let the friendly, local fishermen show them how to catch Calamari. If exploration is more your thing, meander through the island’s trails with a goat herder, or hike up Exogi for an exquisite view of Ithaca and the Ionian Sea. Despite its accessibility, Ithaca is known more for its history than its tourism. It is, in fact, the famous island of Homer’s Odysseus.

When you’re on the Ionian Sea, sail your private yacht charter to Ithaca to uncover an idyllic, but remote, destination most of the world has yet to see.

Ithaca Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Ithaca yacht charters

Kathara Monastery: At the end of winding roads sprawling with wandering goats, Kathara Monastery is a symbol of Ithaca’s interesting religious history. Sitting high above sea level, this local haunt gives visitors diverse, unparalleled views from its ancient bell tower: the rolling mountains of Akarnania, the Echinades islets, the peaks of Zákynthos, the eastern coast of Kefalonia, and in the distance, the sun setting over the Ionian horizon.

Vathy Bay: A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, the capital of Ithaca, Vathy, is home to an exquisite harbor with must-try restaurants, familiar locals, and a small, but pristine beach offering just the right amount of privacy. With its sheltered harbor making it a haven for yachts and sailboats, Vathy Bay welcomes boaters and yachters to come ashore to explore its artisan shops, grab an island drink at its casual, enchanting bars, and – as you would anywhere on the Ionian Sea – take in its raved-about, unparalleled views.

Filiatro Beach: Just steps from the island’s capital, Vathy, Filiatro Beach boasts a mystical collection of white, shiny pebbles, shallow and translucent waters, and limited tourism; making it a true, and treasured Grecian respite. Perfect for a morning swim or an afternoon of sunbathing, Filiatro Beach is dotted with natural trees stretching all the way down to the shore’s edge – creating an equally beautiful and calming ambiance.

Homer’s School: Everyone knows that Greece is the birthplace of history – and in Ithaca, Homer’s School gives travelers a glimpse of that history up close and personal. Near what archeologists believe to be the palace of Odysseus, these ancient ruins bring Homer’s Odyssey to life; and with it, large, shadowing olive trees and magnificent views of Afales Bay.