Ionian Islands Yacht Charters

The Ionian Islands are known for their translucent waters, pristine beaches, charming landscapes and heaven-like feel

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  • Floating off the west coast of Greece, the Ionian islands are a popular destination for yacht charters and are unlike any other place on earth. Composed of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Antipaxos, Paxos and a collection of other small islands, this enchanting location is known across the globe for its quaint and translucent waters, pristine beaches, charming landscapes and heaven-like feel.

    Dubbed the “Green Islands,” this archipelago in the Ionian Sea is lush with vegetation; blanketed in olive groves growing year-round due to the area’s revitalizing winter rains.

    Surrounded by warm waters – making them perfect for snorkeling, diving or water sports – each island embodies its own unique characteristics; and all are in close location to one another. Offering everything you could ever want out of your dream Grecian escape, the Ionian islands invite you to sail your very own private charter yacht through these Greek islands for a magical vacation you never thought possible.

    Here are some of the popular islands you will be able to explore on your relaxing yacht charter adventure through the Ionian Sea:

    Corfu GreeceCorfu
    Corfu is a popular destinations for yacht charters; frequented for its impeccable views, plethora of white sand and rocky beaches, rolling hills and majestic mountains. With its hidden coves and secluded beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat, Corfu is an idyllic place to explore the Ionian Sea.

    Paxos GreecePaxos
    Popular for its endless olive groves, Paxos possesses a sense of culture and history that is unique, yet almost expected, of a quiet, luxurious vacation in Greece. With only a little over 2,000 regular inhabitants, Paxos offers a vibe that is relaxed and unhurried; making it the perfect place to anchor.

    Antipaxos GreeceAntipaxos
    Located just fifteen minutes south of Paxos by boat, Antipaxos is nearly uninhabited; boasting some of the best vineyards in all of Greece. With two main beaches, the sandy Vrika and pebbled Voutoumis, the island of Antipaxos is dotted with hidden coves and surrounded by the clearest blue waters.

    Ithaca GreeceIthaca
    The supposed home of Homer’s Odysseus, Ithaca is steeped in Greek mythology and history. Ithaca is one of the smaller Ionian islands and with its lush green valleys and mountainous landscapes remain virtually unspoiled by the modern world. The island offers quiet and enchanting beaches and delicious cuisine.

    Lefkas GreeceLefkas
    Dubbed “the Caribbean of Greece,” the island of Lefkas constantly amazes yacht charter guests with its exotic blue waters, impressive landscapes, white sand beaches and charming fishing villages. Idyllic and relaxing, Lefkas is perfect for families, couples and friends alike searching for a whimsical vacation at sea.

    Kefalonia GreeceKefalonia
    Kefalonia is home to unparalleled views, perfect beaches, a vibrant heritage, historic monasteries and castles. Forming the backdrop of the feature film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” Kefalonia’s natural grace and lush vegetation has given it the reputation as one of the most scenic islands.

    Zakynthos GreeceZakynthos
    With its white sand beaches, underwater caves and diverse landscape, the island of Zakynthos is an ideal place for water sports and hiking. Called ‘the flower of the East,” this enchanting island is home to verdant valleys overgrown in an array of colorful flora and fauna.

    Sample yacht charter itinerary for Ionian Islands: