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The quiet, but beautiful neighbor of Milos and Sifnos, the island of Folegandros is not your typical tourist-filled locale. Dotted with rolling hills, local restaurants and taverns, and endless fields of aromatic thyme, sage, and colorful wildflowers, Folegandros forms the perfect backdrop for yacht charter guests looking for a relaxing respite on the sapphire Aegean Sea.

An untouched gem, Folegandros is filled with throngs of whitewashed buildings rolling down rocky cliffs — likely the inhabitants of its few, spread-out villages. Adorned with vast farmland and pebbled and pristine beaches, Folegandros is the epitome of natural, beautiful Greece.

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Folegandros Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Folegandros yacht charters

Hora: Hora, or Folegandros Town, is one of the Cyclades’ oldest villages. Closed to anything but foot traffic, this traditional medieval haunt encircles three pedestrian squares – a familiar spot for locals and travelers alike to grab a drink, read a book or simply take in the views beneath countless shade trees. Lined with houses so close together that they form the outer wall of the village castle, Hora is undeniably one of the most beautiful ancient villages in all of the Aegean Sea. Filled with local bars and taverns, Hora welcomes yacht charter guests to get a taste of authentic Greece.

Agali Beach: Named after the Greek words for “to hug,” after the large rocks that seem to embrace its enchanting coastline, Agali Beach is both popular and idyllic. A frequent destination for travelers during the summer months, Agali Beach is perfect for swimmers, snorkelers, and sunbathers alike; but the rest of the year, it’s all for the locals.

The Church of Panagia: Located far above Hora, with immaculate views of the horizon and Aegean Sea below, the picturesque Church of Panagia is the most famous church on the island of Folegandros. The ending point of a winding stone pathway stemming from one of Hora’s town squares, the church is rumored to be built on top of the ruins of an ancient temple. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the believed protector of the island of Folegandros, the Church of Panagia houses a silver icon of the Virgin Mary – believed by many to work miracles.