Dodecanese Islands Yacht Charters

The Dodecanese Islands are an idyllic destination for yacht charters in Greece

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  • Floating between Turkey and the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, the idyllic Dodecanese Islands take yacht charter guests back in time with touches of history everywhere you turn. The meeting point of Medieval architecture, the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, traces of Italian rule, and of course, Greek tradition, these islands are as diverse as they are beautiful.

    The product of a turbulent history, the Dodecanese Islands only became a part of Greece in the mid-1900s, almost immediately after serving as the battleground for seemingly never-ending wars between German and British forces. Given its myriad of historical influences, this archipelago is a genuine blend of architectural gems; from remains of the Classical period and majestic public buildings, to quaint Medieval villages and a Crusaders’castle.

    Today, the Dodecanese islands are appreciated for their natural beauty and mythological significance. Adorned with everything from verdant olive groves and plentiful vineyards, to rolling hills, mountainous coastlines, pebbled beaches, and those shimmering, aquamarine waters, the Dodecanese Islands are an idyllic destination for yacht charters in the Aegean Sea.

    Here are some of the major islands worth visiting during your next private yacht charter in Greece.

    Rhodes GreeceRhodes
    Overflowing with beautiful beaches, forested valleys, and traces of ancient history, Rhodes is the largest, and most popular, of the Dodecanese Islands. Sprawled with winding, cobblestone streets, each taking you through different points in history, from the Byzantine Empire and ancient Greece.

    Kos GreeceKos
    Dotted with historic ruins everywhere you turn, the island of Kos was once the home of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician and teacher. Kos is a treasure chest of green valleys, trendy cafes, perfect blue waters, rocky hillsides and tree-lines paths; the ideal setting for an enchanting escape.

    Samos GreeceSamos
    Dripping with history, and thought to be the island where Zeus took goddess Hera for their 300 year-long honeymoon, the equally calm and vibrant island of Samos is admired for both its historic charm and natural beauty. Samos is the site of endless olive groves and vineyards producing the finest Greek wines.