The Best Beaches in the Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a popular yacht charter destination because the offer the perfect balance between relaxation and vibrant Greek culture. These 12 islands are home to some of Greece’s finest beaches, and here are the ones you should add to your yacht charter itinerary.

Navagio Beach (Zakynthos) – located on the north side of the island, this is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A white sand beach that can only be accessed via boat, it is named for the shipwreck that lies on its shore.

Gerakas Beach (Zakynthos) – this beach on the south side of the island has crystal clear water and a sandy shore, with part of it set up with sunbeds and umbrellas. It is a famous breeding location for loggerhead sea turtles, and special measures are in place to protect them.

Myrtos Beach (Kefalonia) – this is the island’s most famous beach and and among the most photographed places in the world. The large white pebble beach surrounded by wild cliffs is popular with couples and families.

Agios Ioannis Beach (Lefkada) – located near Lefkada Town, this is a popular windsurfing and kitesurfing destination. It has a long, sandy beach and crystal clear water with ideal winds. Several watersports centers line the beach for visitors of all skill levels.

Porto Katsiki Beach (Lefkada) – found on the southwestern side of the island, this is Lefkada’s most famous beach. Wild cliffs surrounds the beach, framing the brilliant blue water. It can be reached via boat or 347 steps down the mountain that lead from a parking area.

Paleokastritsa Beach (Corfu) – the island’s most popular beach with a large main area, secluded coves, and the famous monastery perched on top of the hill. Boats depart from its port for those who want to explore nearby caves and remote beaches.

Egremni Beach (Lefkada) – this large beach is known for its vibrant blue water, soft sand, and surrounding cliffs. A small part of the beach has sunbeds, umbrellas and a beach bar, but it is mostly an open and relaxing setting.

Antisamos Beach (Kefalonia) – located on the eastern side of the island, it is Kefalonia’s second most famous beach, with turquoise water surrounded by hills. Part of the beach has sunbeds, umbrellas, a beach bar and a watersports center.

Agios Gordios Beach (Corfu) – a large bay surrounded by green cliffs on the western side of the island, this is a great spot to spend a day in the sun. A large tourist area with hotels and apartments on the hills above. The beach has an area with sunbeds, umbrellas and cafeterias.

Kathisma Beach (Lefkada) – one of the longest and most beautiful beaches on the island with soft white sand and brilliant water. A large part of the beach has sunbeds and umbrellas, and one side of it is nude-friendly. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports and paragliding.