Best Time To Charter in Greece

Best time for a yacht charter in Greece is summer months between May and September

guests having fun in the waterThe yacht charter season in Greece begins in early April and runs through November; however, most charter guests visit during the high season of July and August, and possibly even into the first week of September. During these warm months, prices are generally higher (as much as 10%) and so is demand, so we recommend booking far enough in advance to ensure that you secure the best boat and crew for your needs.

During the high season, there will be a spike of tourists on Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, and Lesvos, while the waters around Corfu, Lefkas, and the Sarconic may be filled with other yachters. The Etesian wind, also known as the Meltemi, can be a strong during the summer months, especially in the Cyclades Islands.

The summer months are the best time to travel in Greece because everything will be open, such as tavernas, mineral baths, museums, and tours, allowing yacht charter guests a wider selection of choices for their vacation activities.

During the months surrounding the high season – May, June, September, and October – the weather is still pleasant and yacht charters may be easier to book. There will be fewer tourists on land and the waters will be clear; however, most attractions are open. As a consequence, there shouldn’t be any trouble finding space in ports or anchorages. The Meltemi winds have not begun or already ceased, but the reliable winds of the Maistro in the Ionian Sea make for easy sailing.

Additionally, early yacht charters allow for lush greenery, particularly in the Cyclades and Dodecanese, where the warmth and sun tend to dry the foliage by the high season. The Northern Aegean islands and the Ionian Islands usually remain fertile throughout the entire yacht charter season. The few months after the high season may see a shortage of fresh water in the Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands, which may become rather dry and barren.