Delos Yacht Charters

The mythical birthplace of two of Greek mythology’s leading legends, Apollo and Artemis, twins of Zeus, the ancient island of Delos is regarded as both sacred and historical; a landscape of ruins uncovered since 1872.

Once dotted with temples and sanctuaries dedicated to specific Greek deities, today, Delos exists as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Just 5 kilometers in length, this picturesque island floats at the center of the Cyclades Islands; allowing the archipelago to fulfill its name by circling Delos entirely. Providing a stark contrast to some of the Cyclades more touristic islands, Delos welcomes yacht charter guests to discover its history, but only in the daytime. In fact, spending the night in Delos is against the law; it floats purely as a snapshot of Greece’s ancient and enchanting historical past.

During your next yacht charter through the Aegean Sea, anchor your private yacht near the island of Delos and explore this sacred island firsthand.

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