Corfu Yacht Charters

As the second largest Ionian island, Corfu gives yacht charter guests the perfect combination of natural beauty, history and relaxation; and all amidst pristine white sand beaches.

From its tacky nightclubs and small, familiar towns, to its extensive water sports community and northeastern “Millionaire’s Row” — easily recognizable for its majestic villas and pebbly, cove-like beaches — the island of Corfu has something for everyone.

Known for its idyllic beaches and stunning views, this ancient island — called Korkyra, in Greek — also holds a significant place in Grecian history and mythology. Based on the love story of Poseidon, god of the sea, and Korkyra, a nymph he abducted and hid on an unnamed island, the island was named by Poseidon as a symbol of the undying love he had for the beautiful nymph. In the same way, later residents of the Corfu were called Phaeacians; after Phaiakes, the son of Poseidon and Korkyra.

To experience all of the history of the island, and discover all of the hidden gems Corfu has to offer, reserve your private yacht charter in the Ionian Islands today.

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