Antipaxos Yacht Charters

First inhabited by the Souliotes in the early 19th century, after the Ottoman Empire defeated their homeland in 1803, Antipaxos is the smallest of the Ionian islands — measuring only two square miles in diameter, and home to no more than 100 inhabitants at any given time.

Dotted with verdant cypress, pine and cedar trees, Antipaxos is covered with vineyards and olive groves known for producing some of the most popular Greek wines and olive oils. Harvesting small quantities of grapes of the Greek Adamis, Glyceras, Tsoukaniaris, Lianorogo, Asproudi, Fidias and Petrokoryntho variety, Antipaxos is regarded as a “wine lover’s Paradise.” The small batch of bottles it produces are sought after by wine connoisseurs all over the world, and constitutes the main source of income for the island, considering there is hardly any shopping or tourist attractions onshore.

Just a short boat ride from the island of Paxos, Antipaxos is coveted by many as an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and a place to enjoy some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes. Antipaxos makes the perfect stop for yacht charters that are seeking solitude and a calm nature retreat.

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