Andros Yacht Charters

As the northernmost island of the Cyclades, Andros stands out from the rest of its surrounding archipelago because of its different, but equally idyllic, landscape.

Bordered by jagged and rocky coastlines, and adorned with rolling mountains, verdant valleys and perfect, bubbling brooks, Andros is dotted with an abundant variety of native flora: including chestnut, walnut, sycamore, oak, weeping willows, mulberry and olive trees, as well as aromatic fields of thyme and sage.

At the heart of the island is the capital of Chora, which translates to “main village,” and houses quaint passageways, local restaurants, Greek pastry shops and two main town squares – all of which possess different traits of medieval, neoclassical and Grecian island styles. Packed with a naval history and surrounded by the tranquil aquamarine waters of the beautiful Aegean Sea, Andros is definitely a cultural destination on your Greece yacht charter not to be missed.

Anchor your yacht at Andros during your next yacht charter in the Cyclades Islands and spend a few days discovering its natural wonder firsthand.

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