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Considered one of the last true romantic destinations in Greece, the verdant Agistri floats seemingly aimlessly in the sparkling Saronic Gulf; draped by expansive pine-filled woods, local flora, colorful residences and public buildings, and idyllic, white-sand beaches.

Unlike other Greek islands, many of which are bustling with mass tourism, Agistri serves as a tranquil and relaxing, escape.

On the magical island of Agistri, there is something for every type of yacht charter guest. Despite its quiet nature, the island also offers charter guests a vibrant nightlife; dotted with a range of tasty tavernas and eateries, local bars, a popular open-air cinema, water sports amenities, frivolous shopping, and more.

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When you visit the island of Agistri, you never want to leave. With its hospitable and friendly inhabitants, stunning views, colorful infrastructure, and lush landscape, Agistri is the perfect place for an enchanting respite in Greece.

Reserve your private charter yacht, today, to explore the magic and wonder of the alluring isle of Agistri.

Agistri Yacht Carters – Things to Do & See

Agistri - Dragonera beach

Megalochori Village: As the capital of Agistri, the village of Megalochori was once an Ancient naval and rearmament base. Dotted with lush greenery and idyllic, natural coves – and encompassed by the crystalline waters of the Saronic Gulf – Megalochori is a haven of tourism and traditional Greek living. Devoid of modern hotel chains and commercial shopping, this local village offers a snapshot of historic Greece: one filled with winding, tiled lanes bordered by local cafes and white stone houses. Powered by a windmill and centered on the church of Agioi Pantes, which sits amidst verdant pine trees on the top of a hill, Megalochori was once part of the Ancient village of Kandouki, which no longer exists today.

Skala: As the natural port of Agistri, Skala is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island; frequented by yachters and travelers looking for a glimpse of luxury in the Saronic Gulf. Home to the most delicious and traditional fare on Agistri, Skala’s collection of tasty bars, tavernas, and restaurants are known for serving only the finest grilled meats, chilled wine and fresh, locally caught fish and seafood. With the protruding Church of Agioi Anargiroi as its focal point, accompanied by its golden sand beaches and aquamarine waters, Skala’s picturesque nature is complemented by a lively nightlife; one dotted with bars and clubs open at all hours of the night.

Aponissos Beach: Wind your way through the village of Limenaria and you’ll discover the beautiful, secluded Aponissos beach. Majestic in appearance, but radiating a unique, understated luxury, the whimsical Aponissos is perfect for swimmers or yachters seeking a quiet place to take in nature’s most fascinating views. Just southwest of the village of Megalochori, Aponissos invites visitors to experience its crystal clear waters, hidden elegance, stunning bay and islet views, and during the summer months, its lively, traditional tavern.

Dragonera Beach: Also southwest of Megalochori is another unspoiled beach: Dragonera. Extending just over 200 yards, this quaint, but the natural locale is surrounded by jagged mountains and the serene waters of the Saronic Gulf. Dotted with nothing but pine trees and isolated camping amenities, for more adventurous travelers, Dragonera beach is often discovered by chance. Once it is, however, curious visitors can’t help but explore its beautiful landscape or have a drink at its only tavern. As it stands, Dragonera embodies all of the most alluring aspects of life on Agistri.