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As the closest island to Athens, the nation’s capital, the enchanting island of Aegina has often been called one of Greece’s “best-kept secrets.”

Believed to be named by Zeus after the nymph he fell in love with – the daughter of Asopos, the river god – Aegina is highlighted by its place in Greek mythology, as well as its beautiful beaches, aquamarine waters, and favorable climates. When the Greek state first formed in the early 19th century, Aegina was the original capital; and today, evidence of its significant history continues to prevail.

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Draped with olive groves, pistachio orchards, abandoned hillside villages, and a relaxed, but vibrant, feel, Aegina is part of the “ holy triangle of antiquity.” Its central historic landmark, Aphea Temple, forms an equilateral triangle with the Parthenon, in Athens, and the Temple of Poseidon, in Sounion.

Discover the magic and history of Aegina, and all of the Saronic Islands, firsthand, on your private charter yacht in Greece.

Aegina Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Visit an Aegina temple on your yacht charter

The Temple of Aphaia: As the island’s most important historical monument, the Temple of Aphaia still stands today. One of the country’s ancient Doric temples, dating back to 500 BC, this site was once used as a place of worship in the Bronze Age. It wasn’t until 1901 that researchers discovered it was actually dedicated to the local goddess, Aphaia. Today, it is appreciated for both its interesting history and its natural beauty; sitting amongst the pine trees of Mesagro hill, the Temple of Aphaia boasts perfect views of the translucent Saronic Gulf and its surrounding area.

The Kolona: Originally built in 520 BC, The “Kolona,” which means “pillar” is the only pillar still standing from the ancient Doric Temple of Apollo. According to Greek history, this temple was one of many torn down in ancient times due to the widespread belief that it was idolatrous. While the top of this pillar is believed to have fallen naturally during the late 18th century – the last of the original rectangular temple, which was once 11 columns long and 6 columns wide – today, the Kolona sits atop a hill overlooking vast views of the Aegean Sea.

Church of Agios Nektarios: One of the island’s most precious treasures, the Church of Agios Nektarios, honors Saint Nektarios: a great and humble miracle worker, healer, writer, theologist, philosopher, moralist, educator, poet, ascetic, mystic and a key figure in Greek Orthodox history. Built in the 20th century on the site of a small Byzantine monastery, this church houses the tomb of the revered saint that gave it its name – attracting thousands of visitors, each month, who pray to Saint Nektarios or ask for his blessing over their lives.

Pérdika: Enchanting yacht charter guests with its simple charm, beautiful bay, and natural tranquility, the village of Pérdika boast quaint and traditional fish tavernas, modern cafés, and bars overlooking the island’s familiar harbor. Dotted with white square houses, narrow streets, and pebble-clad beaches, Pérdika is the ideal location for many yachters to anchor and enjoy some of Greece’s most delicious, local seafood.

Agia Marina Beach: Due to its immense size and close location to the Temple of Aphaia, Agia Marina Beach has evolved into one of the most popular beaches on Aegina. Encompassing the east side of the island, this is the beach retreat of the small village of Agia Marina; constituting the perfect place for individuals and families alike to tan on its plentiful sunbeds, play on its soft, white sand, wade through its clear, shallow waters or participate in a water sport of their choice. When you need a break from the warm, Greek sun, grab a local bite to eat at one of the beach’s many tasty tavernas and restaurants – it promises not to disappoint.