Aegina Yacht Charters

As the closest island to Athens, the nation’s capital, the enchanting island of Aegina has often been called one of Greece’s “ best kept secrets.”

Believed to be named by Zeus after the nymph he fell in love with – the daughter of Asopos, the river god – Aegina is highlighted by its place in Greek mythology, as well as its beautiful beaches, aquamarine waters and favorable climates. When the Greek state first formed in the early 19th century, Aegina was the original capital; and today, evidence of its significant history continues to prevail.

Draped with olive groves, pistachio orchards, abandoned hillside villages and a relaxed, but vibrant, feel, Aegina is part of the “ holy triangle of antiquity.” Its central historic landmark, Aphea Temple, forms an equilateral triangle with the Parthenon, in Athens, and the Temple of Poseidon, in Sounion.

Discover the magic and history of Aegina, and all of the Saronic Islands, firsthand, on your private charter yacht in Greece.

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