Corsica Yacht Charters

Corsica yacht charters offer a relaxed, but luxurious escape. Corsica’s dazzling harbors and charming fishing villages provide unique itinerary options for yacht charters, along some of the best cruising grounds in the Mediterranean.

Corsica – the stunning island off the coast of the French Riviera – is a quiet respite from bustling Cannes or the lavishness of Monaco. This ancient island is marked by its laid-back, welcoming people, sun-soaked Old-World town squares, and truly breathing-taking landscapes. Explore all that Corsica has to offer aboard a luxury charter yacht: From the glimmering bays, to the towering cliffs and swank beaches.

A stroll through Corsica’s charming hilltop villages offers a trip through history. Around each corner, discover remnants of its hidden culture: Centuries-old cathedrals, cobble-stoned streets, bustling fish markets, and music-filled squares. Yet, the reason many charter a crewed yacht in Corsica is to experience the island’s natural beauty. With its red cliffs towering over the Mediterranean, secluded beaches, turquoise waters, and pine and eucalyptus forests perfect for hikes, Corsica is home to some of Europe’s most scenic landscapes.

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Corsica Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Stunning clifftop towns
  • Beautiful, secluded beaches
  • Excellent French and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Home of Napoleon Bonaparte and numerous historical landmarks
  • Tons of French-meets-Italian charm
  • The dramatic coastline and postcard-worthy scenery

Corsica Yachting: When to Go

The months of July and August are prime yachting season in Corsica. During the peak of summer, visitors are welcomed by incredible weather – highs in the low-80s – warm water temperatures, and moderate swells. Steady northwestern breezes make for great sailing throughout the summer.

The peak season draws the largest number of charter guests. Many choose the shoulder season months (mid-May-June and September) to avoid the peak season traffic.

Corsica Yacht Charters – Things to See & Do

Corsica yacht charters

Corsica might be one of the Mediterranean’s best yacht charter destinations. With numerous attractions tucked away along Corsica’s 600-mile coastline – beautiful seaside towns like Ajaccio, plunging cliffs at Golfe de Porto and glistening beaches and bays at Calvi – Corsica charters are adventured-filled.

Many charters cruise the breathtakingly beautiful western coast of Corsica, from Calvi to Bonifacio. Anchoring in the deep-water harbors in the many charming fishing villages that line the route, you’ll be swept away by Corsica’s charms. Where to go:

Ajaccio is known for its beautiful views, lively city center, historical significance, and Côte d’Azur-esque bays. To see all it has to offer, wander through its quaint cobblestoned streets, take a drive through the enchanting Route des Sanguinaires – one of the world’s most scenic drives – or explore Ajaccio’s many vestiges of its storied past: Ancient statues, museums, and even palaces that belonged to the once-powerful Napoléon Bonaparte.

Bonifacio’s Old Town dates to the 9th Century and making it one of the oldest and most historic towns in all of Corsica. As charming as it is beautiful, Bonifacio is a must-stop for Corsica yacht charters. Located high on the cliffs above a natural harbor, Bonifacio is a short sail from Italy’s Sardinia and boasts a rolling coastline of bright townhouses, ancient chapels, and narrow streets lined with upscale shops, cafes, and cocktail bars.

In Calvi, the Old World meets the new. Throughout this quaint village, you find remnants of the island’s military heritage – tour the many watchtowers, battlements, and a 15th-century citadel. Yet, the port offers plenty of modern sophistication. Boasting French Riviera vibes, Calvi has become one of Corsica’s most raved-about yacht rental destinations, which offers access to trendy restaurants, five-star resorts, and lively beach clubs.

Porto Vecchio
Called the “St-Tropez of Corsica,” Porto-Vecchio is every bit an example of life at its finest. With its A-List travelers, fashionable inhabitants, picturesque mansions, and designer shop-lined streets, Porto-Vecchio’s charm and sophistication beckon yachters from around the world. Here, you’ll find a collection of beautiful beaches and relaxing beach clubs, fine wine shops, hip bars, and numerous cultural events – making Port Vecchio a worthy destination on your Corsica charter.

Scandola Natural Reserve
Designated in 1975, this UNESCO World Heritage Site sits just southwest of Calvi and encompasses 1900 hectares of unspoiled Mediterranean land and sea. Home to unique red rock formations jutting out of the sea, secluded caves, jagged inlets, and plentiful wildlife, Scandola Natural Reserve offers a natural escape that creates quite the impression.

Sitting on the southwest coast of Corsica, Propriano offers a peek into the early 19th-century Mediterranean. Once occupied by the Greeks and Romans, and later attacked by 18th-century pirates, this coastal town has a lively past. Today, it is recognized for its Church of Notre Dame de la Misericorde, a majestic Old World chapel, as well as its dazzling harbor filled with the world’s finest superyachts, luxury shopping, and close location to both mainland France and Sardinia.

While on a Private Yacht Charter in Corsica…

  • Relax at the stunning beautiful Palombaggia Beach, which is known for its sparkling waters and fragrant pine forest backdrop
  • Explore the red rock cliffs of the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site
  • Hike along the beautiful Cap Corse peninsula
  • Explore the cobbled, winding streets of Porto-Vecchio’s Old Town
  • Enjoy an al fresco lunch in the beautiful, historic village of Calvi
  • Visit a centuries-old vineyard and sample Corsica’s native wines
  • Spend afternoon canyoneering in the emerald pools of Zoicu Canyon

Corsica yacht charters let you discover stunning hilltop villages and pristine natural landscapes.